Every year the Adopt-A-Family for Christmas appeal brightens the lives of local families facing adversity at Christmas time. 

Nominated by local charities, the families seeking adoption faces serious financial hardship or social dislocation, often through no fault of their own. 2015 has been a difficult year for many Rockhampton locals, with more families than usual facing a tough Christmas this year. The Adopt-A-Family appeal is your chance to support these members of our local community in the true spirit of Christmas.

Once again, the Adopt-A-Family appeal is honoured to have Shane Webcke, former Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Origin and Kangaroo great as our Adopt-A-Family patron for 2015. Shane believes passionately in a 'fair go' for all and the importance of lending a hand to someone who may never be in a position to return the favour.

The Adopt-A-Family for Christmas appeal invites individuals, businesses, clubs, schools, families and workplaces to join together in making sure everyone around Rockhampton has a truly merry Christmas.


Legend: D – Dad, M – Mum, AF – Adult Female, AM – Adult Male, GM – Grandmother, GF – Grandfather, G – Girl, B – Boy


ANGLICARE CQ                       Call 4928 4062 or 0412 452 641


1.            D, M, G12, G4, B3, G 18mths

2.            GM, B13

4.            GF, B17, B14, G13

8.            M, D, G6, G15, B14

9.            M, D, B16, G14, B7, G14, G11, B13, G18

11.         M, D, G4, B3, B3, B6

13.         M, M, B10, G10, G8, G2, G6, B5

14.         M, D, G11, B3, B3

15.         M, B8, G9, B10, B7, B15, G12

16.         M, D, B19, B16, B13, B13, B10, G11

19.         M, D, B14

21.         M, D, G17, G15, G9, G5, G7, G6

23.         GM, GF, B14

27.         M, D, B16, B14, B9, G9, B6, G9mths

28.         M, G15, G12, G9, G9, B3

29.         D, B16, B13, B12

31.         M, G9, G8, G7, B5, G22mths

32.         M, B9, G8, B5, G3, G1

33.         M, B10

35.         M, G15, B7

36.         M, B2

38.         GM, GF

39.         M, G11, G12

40.         M, D, G1

41.         M, G15

42.         M, AM, B15, G2

43.         M, B2, B3

44.         M, G12, G13

45.         M, B5

47.         M, G5, B2, G3mths

48.         M, D, AM, B12, G10, B8, B4

51.         M, B2mths, B2mths

52.         M, G16, G14, G13

53.         M, B16, G17

54.         D, B17, G7

55.         D, B10

56.         M, D, G9, G12

57.         D, B15M B13, B11

58.         M, D, B14, B13, B11, B6, G9, G1

59.         M, G19

60.         M, D, G18, G3

61.         D, M, G5, G20mths, B5mths

62.         M, AF, GM, GF, G15mths

63.         AF, B15, G13

64.         M, AM, G19mths

65.         M, D, G10, G8, G3, G2, B8mths

66.         M, D, AF, AM, B13, G10, G6

67.         D, G17

69.         M, G2

72.         M, B9, G7

74.         M, D, G17, G12, G11, B14, B9

76.         M, G10, G2, B4

77.         M, D, G11, G4, B10, B8, B7

78.         M, B12, B7

79.         D, M, G5, G3, B2, B1

80.         M, G6, G2, G1

81.         M, D, G15, G12

82.         M, AF, G17, G12, G6, B8, B3

83.         M, G4, G2, Gbaby

84.         M, G13, G12, B9mths, B4

85.         M, B8, B6


ST. VINCENT DE PAUL                       0438   178     284

1.            M, G14, G13, G12, B2twins, G2mths

2.            M, B17, B7

4.            M

5.            M, D, AM, B18, G16

9.            M, D, B11, G9, B8, B8

11.         M, D

12.         M, B2

13.         M, B5, B14, AF

14.         D, B18, B15, G8, B7, G7

15.         M

16.         M, D

19.         M, G6, G14

20.         G17

21.         M, G6, G3, B18

24.         M, D, G15, B14, B13

28.         M, D, G5

29.         M, G13, G11, B9, B16

30.         GM, M, B1, B18, AM

33.         M, G17, B15

36.         D

40.         M, D, B18

42.         M, G10, B14, B8, G16, B12, G5

43.         M, G15, G13, G12, G11

44.         M, B13, G16

47.         M

49.         M, D, B2, B6, B13, G11

52.         M, D, G18

54.         M, G9, G13, G14, B16, B18

55.         M, D, AF, G17, B6, G4, G12

56.         M, D, B17, G17

59.         M, D, B9, B2, G13

60.         D

61.         M

64.         M, D, B17, B13

65.         M, G11, B10

66.         D, G6, G2

68.         M, B7, G4

70.         M

71.         M

72.         M

73.         M, B, G8

74.         M, G13, B12

76.         M, G15, G13, G10, G6, G5, B4, G3, B2, B1

77.         M, D, B3, G2

80.         M, B7, B10, B11

81.         AM, AM

82.         M, AM

84.         M, G10, G3

86.         M, G18, G13, B11

87.         M, B13, G14, B18

88.         M

89.         M, D, G10, AF, AM

92.         D, G16

93.         M, G17


LIFELINE               4930 7302 or 4930 7303


1.            M, G16, G10, B13

3.            M, D, G14, B13, B13

4.            M, G12, B9, B4, B infant

5.            M, D, G12, B14, B8

6.            M, G7, G6, G3, G1, G6wks

7.            M, B10, B8, B7

8.            M, G3, G1

9.            M, G8

10.         M, G17, G14, G12, B17

11.         M, G16, G10, B14

12.         M, D, B30mths, B8mths

13.         M, G12, G3, B14, B2

14.         M, D, G16, G4, B15, B8

17.         M, D, G14, G13, G12

20.         M, G14, G9, G8, B7, B6