Community displaying more gastric symptoms

DELAYED gastric emptying is increasingly encountered in naturopathic practice, which indicates worsening digestive complications within our community. Conventional medicine may term this condition gastroparesis, generally viewed as idiopathic. Idiopathic indicates a disorder having unknown cause.

Whilst conventional medicine may possibly consider gastroparesis idiopathic, established naturopathic practice holds a robust view that delayed gastric emptying has identifiable causative factors. Perhaps the most significant causative factor encountered in naturopathic practice is lowered vitality with gut function.

This clinical knowledge sets naturopathy apart from conventional medicine, for naturopathy knows when organ vitality becomes exhausted, the organ is incapable of healthy functioning. Furthermore, naturopathy views delayed gastric emptying very broadly; the entire digestive tract is considered, including liver and pancreas.

Naturopathy is capable of logically identifying delayed gastric emptying through iridology and visceral palpation. These harmless prognostic methods are often performed in established naturopathic practice to identify delayed gastric emptying. Conventional medicine diagnosis of gastroparesis may well consist of upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, ultrasound, gastric emptying breath test or x-ray with associated barium liquid.

The rational basis of this approach is to prescribe remedial exercise with minimum effort for maximum result, thereby safeguarding vitality.

Of concern, I sometimes encounter persons with advanced delayed gastric emptying, who have been instructed to undertake demanding exercises for fitness. Both naturopathy and conventional medicine would agree that a person should go on a moderate walk or sit comfortably for a reasonable time to assist digestion rather than demanding exercise.

Because gastric enzymes are often depleted, it is logical that a person should consider minimising concentrated protein or fatty foods, both of which are demanding upon an already debilitated digestive tract. Some fruit and vegetables are also unfavourable in delayed gastric emptying, which could give rise to inflammation of the stomach. Safe dietary options are readily available once simultaneous disorders are identified.

Treatment in conventional medicine may comprise drugs to suppress nausea and promote gastric emptying. Other interventions may include Botulinum toxin injections or surgically implanted gastric neurostimulator. Naturopathic botanic medicine aims to repair gut lining, improve digestive enzyme production and promote sustainable vitality.

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