Man given bravery award for saving man from drowning

HEROES: Jaykin Goodsall and his big brother Scott Smith put on a brave face after saving two lives following Thursday's flood. Scott dived into Middle Creek to save a man after he was swept off a bridge in Kabra.
HEROES: Jaykin Goodsall and his big brother Scott Smith put on a brave face after saving two lives following Thursday's flood. Scott dived into Middle Creek to save a man after he was swept off a bridge in Kabra. Austin King

A MODEST Kabra man who last year saved a miner from perishing in floodwater seemed less than excited to be awarded for his bravery.  

In fact, Scott Graham Smith believed he didn't deserve a bravery medal for his life-saving actions, which were instantaneous and involved him putting his own life on the line.

  "People do this sort of thing every day," he said.

  Scott was among three Central Queenslanders on this year's Australian Bravery Awards list.

  In January 2013, Scott dived into floodwater roaring along Middle Creek to save a miner who was swept downstream.

  Scott's mum, Leanne Goodsall, at the time watched in horror from the riverbank near her house as the floodwaters swept the miner off a Kabra bridge and into the fast-flowing Middle Creek.

  And, if it wasn't for Scott's younger brother Jaykin Goodsall, the miner could have died.

  "Jaykin heard someone screaming for help so we rushed out with our torch to see who it was," Leanne said.

  The family spotted the man in his vehicle on the bridge, about 50m from their home.

  "He got out of his truck and was trying to make his way through the swift water travelling across the bridge," Leanne said in an earlier interview with The Morning Bulletin.

  "In that time I called emergency services ... they were saying throw a rope to him but within seconds he was gone.  

"Scott just jumped in without hesitating to try to save him ... they ended up 50m from the bridge, just opposite our house."

  Leanne's house sits on the banks of Middle Creek. 

  Leanne said the pair landed across the creek from her house.  

Neighbours raced down to Scott and the miner's rescue and helped them up to their home.

  "Scott stayed with the neighbours for the night.

  "If he didn't jump in, that man could have lost his life."

  Leanne only knew the miner's first name as "Ken".  

She said it was believed Ken tried to cross the bridge to get back to Mt Morgan.

  Leanne said she had two heroes in her family after Jaykin saved a soaking galah, which dropped out of a tree, during these floods.  


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