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"+1 Total waste of money Agnes is a small country town with a small country population Spend your..."

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"They hide so people don't suddenly change there illegal behaviour because they know they a breaking the..."

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"By "hiding behind trees at the bottom of hills?" mean you can't control a car and think fines for..."

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"And so you trust Abbott instead. Doesn't say much for your judgement. Anyone with blatant liars and..."

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""Abolish the carbon tax?" And whoever thinks companies will reduce charges to match lives on another..."

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"HEAR HEAR!! G'Day Kev remember us? Good to have you back"

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"Maybe seniors find much better places to live. Glasdtone is a working town why would you want to retire..."

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"It never ceases to amaze me that anyone thinks "removing the carbon tax" will make the retailers reduce..."

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"The Labor Party knows who is the leader it is YOU journalists that don't and need to keep raising the..."

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