October 2016

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Anti-Islamic group "Stop the Mosque Gladstone” has kicked into gear after it was revealed the Islamic Society of Gladstone is planning on building a Masjid

Secret 'stop the mosque' meeting in Gladstone last night

"my thoughts as well - why are they trying to hide the fact that they are building a Mosque which will..."

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THE ISLAMIC Society of Gladstone has bought land for a masjid (a mosque) in Gladstone.

Islamic group buy Gladstone land for masjid

"this is a very dangerous and concerning development and all ratepayers should have a say on this..."

September 2016

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AN OLD family portrait that could date back to World War 1 has captured the imagination of local history buffs.

Can you help solve the mystery of this WWI photograph?

"The eldest girl seems to be wearing a Nursing Sister's watch on her dress - so perhaps her mother or..."

July 2016

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A CREW of 19 Syrian sailors were given permission to leave their ship despite only one having a valid visa as they approached Gladstone.

18 Syrian crew let off ship after rushed security checks

"this has been happening for years its nothing new anyone can roam around Gladstone and they often jump..."

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THE UK Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump and the resurrection of Pauline Hanson are significant warnings to the political establishment in western nations.

LETTER: What's the message behind Hanson vote?

"absolutely correct and yet they still don't get it. Maybe that is good because next time they will..."

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One Nation candidate for Flynn Phil Baker is taking his 16.82% result in his stride and going for a fish today

LISTEN: One Nation candidate steals O'Dowd's vote

"I gave Ken my 1 vote and Pauline my 2 vote but now I wish I had of given Pauline my 1 vote - didn't..."

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With the oversupply in the housing market, a real estate agent is calling for a community meeting to push for Gladstone workers to live in Gladstone

'No need for camps': Gladstone loses workers' money to camps

"Spot on - how dare they demand anything from anyone the pain is all self inflicted and who cares??"

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A DOUBLE dissolution election may not solve Malcolm Turnbull’s senate problem.

SENATE CHAOS: Double dissolution may not be solution

"Aussies are saying that Pauline is welcomed in our Parliament and HE is not! Conceited back stabber and..."

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