April 2016

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UNION organiser alleges the airport's working environment is 'toxic'

Airport outrage over emails showing casual workforce plans

"It's pretty pathetic when you are required to pay for your own training if you want work with this mob."

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DESPITE a rise in the overall global output of LNG last year, demand from Australia’s biggest customers fell.

Worry over Curtis Island LNG exports as Asian demand dips

"tell the Gladstone locals something that will surprise us this is no surprise and was foretold by many..."

March 2016

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QAL workers have received unsettling news today.

QAL workers in anxious 11 day wait to hear of job losses

"the power station is yet to cut it's workforce but it's coming they have already dumped a lot of office..."

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THE prospect of a fourth gas plant in Gladstone is still alive and kicking after the lease agreement over land, was extended.

UPDATE: Shale gas would power fourth plant in Gladstone

"does LovehappyRock ever crow about anything else other than LNG LNG LNG ? We have had enough of the LNG..."

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TERRY Cotter’s mum Pat has lived on Wood St since 1978 and on Monday she was flooded in again.

Drastic buy-back idea for Barney Point houses

"Michelle Wagner has worked with or for those we need to get rid of but hopefully she has her own views..."

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UPDATE NOON: Higgins Storm Chasers have warned Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Gladstone could cop another 100mm in the next 24 hours.

CQ could cop another 100mm in next 24 hours - Higgins

"Gee whiz it's the Wet/Cyclone Season and its coming down in buckets who could have ever guessed????? ..."

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AN INVESTOR is desperately hoping Gladstone rents increase before she is forced to sell her home in Sydney.

Rents need to rise before investors return to town

"tell people who care - us locals don't care about greedy southern blow in money grabbers who are..."

February 2016

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TONY Davis felt like a lamb to the slaughter when he and his workmates were called to a meeting room at Queensland Alumina Limited.

Dedicated QAL worker shown door after more than 18 years

"Yarwun and BSL job cuts are still to come so hang on to your hats Gladstone we are in for a real Big..."

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THE ballot for next month’s elections has been drawn and all the new faces have landed the prime real estate at the top of the ballot paper.

WATCH: New names top the ballot paper for council elections

"the only name that stands out for me is Chris Trevor but unfortunately he is Labor which means he..."

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