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"The figures that you are quoting must surely be wrong. The numbers that you quote as being bthe totals..."

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"Attacking Craig Butler or any other candidate for alleged association with one Political Party or..."

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"It doesn't matter which of the unconstitutional "parties" gets into power as long as they are prepared..."

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"Just because you win an election does not give you a mandate for anything. To get a mandate you must..."

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"What absolute hypocrites the Labor party is. They destroy thousands of hectares of Great Barrier..."

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"Is there any truth in the rumor that Seeney and Beattie are brothers. Now there IS a scary..."

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"Right!! finally got it gubba. We force farmers to put flare stacks into the rear of all cows and..."

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"“His skins blistered, dried, became parched and hard like the bark of a tree and life began to ebb…..."

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