July 2015

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THE Great Barrier Reef is officially not in danger after the UNESCO World Heritage Committee unanimously rejected the ‘in danger’ listing on Wednesday night.

UNESCO leaves reef off ‘in danger’ list

"It is not surprising that 25% would respond in this way when you conduct your survey in the LOCAL..."

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GLADSTONE is losing its seniors in droves because there are no facilities to keep them here, which has implications for organisations that need volunteers.

WATCH: Seniors leave town due to lack of retirement village

"How many Councillors and their immediate families work in the Development, Housing and Building..."

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INDUSTRY could bear the brunt of the council’s zero percent general rate rise.

Industry may bear brunt of zero per cent rate rise

"Property values are set by the GOVERNMENT, not Councils. Councils have NEVER set land valuations but..."

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PATTI Brough is “over it” – her frustration and weariness showing after not being able to access emergency funds to help repair cyclone damage to her home.

Home still waiting for repairs months after cyclone

"I fail to see why the people who suffered cyclone damage in the Mt Larcom/Ambrose area cannot access..."

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THIEVES ripping off Gladstone Regional Council will face justice.

Council is a victim of fraud and thieves

""Fraud", What Council did when they applied for and got Govt money to build the Kirkwood bypass Rd and..."

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A GROUP of concerned professionals from the Gladstone region are convinced no changes will be made to the council's planning scheme after a meeting last week.

Council overstepping in planning scheme, engineer says

"Council are obviously trying to alarm people with unrealistic sea rises as a way to distract people..."

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RESIDENTS have been invited to attend Gladstone Regional Council's special meeting to hand down its Budget 2015/16 next week.

Residents invited to watch council hand down budget

"If I wanted to watch BS splattering all over the place, I would go out to my friend's dairy farm and..."

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BELOVED ducks removed from a Forest Glen park will be eaten, according to councillor Col Chapman, who appeared on Channel 7 news last night.

WATCH: Forest Glen ducks will end up as roast: Councillor

"Nah!! if you ask Councillors they will probably claim that the bats might end up as someone's dinners..."

June 2015

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SARAH Mannion thought three months of throbbing pain in her mouth would go after her tooth was removed at the Gympie Hospital Dental Clinic on Thursday.

Ouch! After three month wait, dentist pulls wrong tooth

"In spite of the faults in the health system in Gladstone, the dental hospital in Gladstone offers a..."

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TRACES of the banned pesticide DDT and the man-made PCB chemicals have been found in dolphins in the Gladstone Harbour and Fitzroy River.

Pesticides found in central Queensland dolphins

"The people of Gladstone (and all other cities and towns on the coast) need to be very afraid and..."

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