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"Pity private development did not have the Square. The court house is ugly along with the new monster..."

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"It is their spending that has put the state in 80b debt and lost AAA credit rating."

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"What this small section of the story fails to tell readers is that the 7bill gained will not reduce the..."

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"Well then if the election is like the last State when Labor personally attacked Newman - I guess you..."

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"Doh Labor convienced the two most likely candidates to win not to run - instead opting for Neumann's..."

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"Smoke and Mirros from this magician. The Union thugs who own and run the Alp will never surrender any..."

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"Clive is just pushing to get free rein for his business instrest. He keeps pushing until Abbott pushes..."

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"The soultion is a simple one. Don't like living here in OZ - Then go back from whence you came NZ. No..."

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"Socialism at it democratic best."

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