Harders outlasts his rivals to secure title

Story Published: 20 Dec 2015

QUEENSLAND Speedcar Racing Association President John Hall has praised Carina Speedway after the state titles were run this...

Carina, Speedcar, Speedway

Speedway community rally around Lukey

Story Published: 21 Jan 2016

THE Lismore Speedway community has rallied around Pimlico’s Luke Watt following a dramatic on-track crash that destroyed...

Lismore Speedway, Speedway

Rocky speedway security guard punched over beer takeaway

Story Published: 15 May 2016

A MAN who assaulted a security guard at the Rockhampton Speedway says it all could have been avoided if the guard had just...

Assault, Court, Security Guard, Speedway

Diversifying the Brand

Story Published: 15 Jan 2015

COUNTRY and Western singer Adam Brand will race at Lucas Oil Lismore Speedway tomorrow night and Saturday night.

Adam Brand, Lismore Speedway, Speedway

Speedway preview

Video Published: 20 Nov 2015

Speedway drivers Leigh Williams and Darren Cowan speak about next weekends speedway racing in Rockhampton

Motor Sport, Speedway

Country star shifts gear to become speedway driver

Story Published: 17 Jan 2015

SWASHBUCKLING country singer Adam Brand has swapped his microphone for the steering wheel this weekend

Driver, Racing, Speedway

Rockhampton Speedway

Video Published: 17 Nov 2014

Action from the Rockhampton Speedway meeting on November 15th.

Amca, Car Racing, Dirt Track, Fender Bender, Formular 500, Motor Sport, Speedway, Super Sedans

500cc solos

Video Published: 1 Apr 2016

500cc Solos will race at The Great Western Hotel this weekend.

500Cc Solo, Motorsport, Speedway

500cc Solos Bonanza

Video Published: 3 Apr 2016

500cc Solos Bonanza at the Great Western Hotel.

500Cc Solos, Jason Crump, Speedway

Easter Speedway at Rockhampton Showgrounds

Video Published: 8 Apr 2015

Action from Easter Speedway meeting in Rockhampton

Motorsport, Racing, Speed, Speedway