Every year the Adopt-A-Family for Christmas appeal brightens the lives of local families facing adversity at Christmas time.

For most of us Christmas is a time of joy, love, gifts and quality time with family. But there are many families in our community who are experiencing financial hardship or difficulty. This year, you can make a difference by brightening their lives and sharing the spirit of the season. 

The Adopt a Family for Christmas Appeal works with local charities and welfare agencies to identify families in need that you can ‘adopt’ by sourcing gifts, hampers or food to donate. From individuals to businesses and schools, everyone can get involved! 

Just call the welfare agency or charity below and make a difference this Christmas.


Legend: D – Dad, M – Mum, AF – Adult Female, AM – Adult Male, GM – Grandmother, GF – Grandfather, G – Girl, B – Boy

ANGLICARE CQ – Call 4926 0173 or 0412 452 641

  1. D, B12
  2. M, G10
  3. M, B5
  4. M, B12
  5. D, B4, G5
  6. M, G2
  7. M, B1
  8. M, G1
  9. M, G3, B1
  10. M, G8, B4
  11. M, G10, B7
  12. M, B1
  13. M, B1
  14. AF, G4, G12, M7, M2
  18. M, D, B10
  19. M, G4, B3, B2
  20. M, D, G13, B11, B7, G7
  21. M, D, G6, B5, G4, B2, G13
  22. M, B15
  23. M, G7, B6, G4
  24. D, B15, B14, B7
  25. M, G8, B6, B4, G3, B2
  26. GM, GD, G12, B10, B8
  27. M, D, B5, B4, G13
  28. M, AM, AM, AM, AM, B17, B16
  29. M, B16, G15
  30. M, D, G8, B7, B7, G12, B12
  31. M, M, B14, G13, B10, B11, G14, B13
  32. M, B3
  33. M, G15, G13
  34. M, B9, AM
  35. D, G9, B5
  36. M, G14, G11, AM
  37. D, B13
  38. M, B9, AM
  39. D, B14, B15, B16
  40. M, AM, AM, AF
  41. M, D, AF, G5, GF
  42. M, B1
  43. M, AM, AF, AM
  44. AF, AM, F10, B8, F6, F1
  45. M, G6, G6
  46. M, AF, B3, B12, B5
  47. M, AF, B5
  48. M, AM, B4, B7, G10, B17
  49. M, G10, M9, G7, M3, M2, G1
  50. D, G2
  51. D, G12
  52. D, B7, B5, G2
  53. D, G4, B3
  54. M, G2
  55. M, G2, B1
  56. D, M, AF, G6MTHS
  57. M, AM18, B14, B8
  59. M, G13, B6
  60. M, D, B7, G5, B3
  61. GM, GF, M, D, B8, G2
  62. M, B12, B10, G9, G6
  63. M, B16, G14, G12, G9, G7
  64. M, D, B17, B13, B12
  65. M, D, AF, G5
  66. M, AF, AM, AF, G14
  67. M, D, G7, G6, B5, B1
  68. M, B3
  69. M, B14, B12, B2
  70. F, AM, B17, B11
  71. M, AF, G6, B3
  72. M, AF, AM, G4
  73. M, G15, B9, B8, B6
  74. M, G13, G11, B8
  75. M, G4, B4, G2, BABY
  76. M, G10, B7, G6
  77. M, D, B10, G8, G5, B2
  78. M, G6
  79. D, B4
  80. D, B17
  81. GM, B8, G14, G10
  82. M, AM, AF, B19, G16, B15, G17, B9, G2
  83. M, D, B14, BABY, G12, G8
  84. M, D, G5
  85. M, G7
  86. M, D, G4, G3
  87. M, G8, B6, B4, B8MTHS
  88. D, G10, G5


LIFELINE – Call 4930 7300

  1. M, G3, G7, B2, B5
  2. D, G1, G10, G11, G16, B6, B8
  3. M, G7, G16, B9, B11
  4. D, G3, G10, G12, G14, B8
  5. M, D, G9, G10, G15, G18, B7, B16
  6. M, G6, B1
  7. M, D, B5, B6
  8. D, G8, B9, B11
  9. M, B2, B4, B5
  10. M, D, G1, Boy Baby, B4, B6
  11. M, G11, G14, B9
  12. M, D, G8, B7
  13. M, AF, G9, G10, G11, G13, G15, B17,
  14. M, GF, G6, G7
  15. M, B10, B11, B14
  16. M, D, G10, G13, G15, G17, B7, B12
  17. M, G5, B1, B4, B6, B8
  18. M, G1, G8, B4
  19. Hampers Only
  20. Hampers Only


ST VINCENT DE PAUL – Call 0438 178 284

  1. GD, B10, B12
  2. M, B11, B7, G5
  3. M, B11, G10
  4. M, D
  5. M, B2, G3
  6. M, G8, B7, B6
  7. D
  8. M, G16, G14, G12, G7, B10, B8
  9. D
  10. M, D
  11. D
  12. M, B16, B17, B18
  13. M, D, B6, G5
  14. M, B15, G14, G13, G5
  15. M, B7, G6, G4, B1
  16. M, D, B1, B 4MTHS
  17. M, B18, G17
  18. D
  19. M, G13, G10, G4
  20. M, B21
  21. M, G2
  22. M, G15, G14, B10, B4
  23. M, G9, G8, G8, B2
  24. M
  25. M, B4, G6MTHS
  26. M, B8, G7, G6, B11
  27. M
  28. M, G11, B8
  29. M, G8, G7, B5, B18
  30. D, GD
  31. M
  32. M
  33. D
  34. M, D, B3, G1, GM, GD
  35. M, D, B18, G14
  36. M
  37. M
  38. D, M, G16MTHS, BABY 12MTHS
  39. M
  40. M, G6, G15, G14, B14, B9, BABY 6WEEKS
  41. M, G12, B15, B8
  42. M, D, B14, G13
  43. M, D
  44. M, D, G10
  45. D
  46. M, B8, G11, G15
  47. M, D, B17, B15, B13, B12, G10
  48. M, B15, G14, G11, G10, B9
  49. M, B7, B4
  50. M, G11, G8, G5, G2, B4
  51. M, B14, G3, B8MTHS
  52. M, G9, B6, G3
  53. D, B8, G7, B5
  54. M, G13
  55. D
  56. M, G16, G11, B9, B5, B2
  57. D
  58. M
  59. M, G3, G3, B4
  60. M, B8, G6
  61. M, G15, G11, B7
  62. D, G15
  63. D, G4, G1
  64. M, B10, G4
  65. D, G10, G8, B4
  66. M, G10, B7, B9, G5, G1
  67. M
  68. M, G13, B12, G10, B4, B2, B9MTHS
  69. M, G17, B14, G9, B7, B4
  70. D
  71. M, B13, B12, B9
  72. M, B11, G4
  73. M, D, G14, G11, B10, G1
  74. D, G7, G5, G3, G2
  75. M, D
  76. M, B5, B6, G6MTHS
  77. M, G5
  78. D, G3, B2
  79. D, G15