Date listed: 11/7/2019

Australia's Best Business Coach Asks, "Are You Ready to Grow Your Trade or Service?"

If so, Stuart Hayes, Australia’s Most Qualified Business Coach, can help.


If you have a well-established  trade or home services business, with multiple reps, tradesmen or field services people working for you, and your serious about growing your business to the next level, for example turning it into a state wide or national brand, then Stuart Hayes is the man you should be talking to, because he is Australia’s best and most qualified business coach.

Stuart’s qualifications as a coach are impeccable.  He has a Bachelor of Economics from the Monash University, is a CPA, a business owner and spent 12 years working for some of the world’s leading accounting firms as a specialist CEO "Mr Fix it" before he became a business coach.

So, what exactly is a CEO Mr Fix it? His official title was Change CEO and in this specialist role Stuart would routinely be sent into stressed and underperforming businesses, to assume the role of CEO (a fancy term for the business manager). He was then responsible for establishing why the business was under performing, and to quickly and efficiently turn things around: the people, the marketing, the financial results, everything!

This is an incredible opportunity to work with a highly experienced and respected business coach, who’s academic qualifications and vast, real world experience is extremely hard to find among people in the business coaching industry, who are usually just trained consultants delivering canned coaching programs and have never had the experience of running their own business.

How many business coaches in Australia do you think have the qualifications and real-world experience Stuart Hayes has (a ‘Change CEO’ background, a Bachelor of Economics, a business owner and a CPA qualification)? Make some calls, ask around, you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone in the industry with his qualifications and experience, it’s extremely rare.

Ok, if after reading this far working with Stuart to build your business to the next level sounds like something you’d like to explore as a possibility, go to his website and request a free meeting.


But before you do, a quick word of warning. Taking a quantum leap forward to grow a small business into a major brand isn’t something that can be done easily and overnight. As a business owner, you need to be open to being coached for a period of at least 12 months and also be prepared to put time and resources into developing new leaders in your own business. Big businesses don’t grow in the shadow of a dominant owner who is determined to micromanage every aspect of the business the same way they did when they were starting out! In fact, many a successful small business can’t break through and transition into a larger one because what made the owners successful in the first instance – a willingness to work hard and do everything themselves, is exactly the reason why they can’t take the step to the next level.

Building a state-wide or national brand is all about developing a team of committed people. Also the owner needs to be coachable. That doesn’t mean following every piece of advice and relinquishing control, but it does mean a willingness to consider options and the views expressed by experienced leaders who have built successful businesses before.

Ok, having said this, if you have a successful small business, have started the process of developing a team and are committed to and excited by the prospect of growing into a larger, more substantial firm operating state wide or nationally, visit Stuarts website and book a free meeting now.

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