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Bowen Therapy and Foot Correctors


Bowen Therapy is a gentle form of body work, where subtle moves are performed over the muscles and connective tissue.  The work is powerful and results always amaze new clients. 

What does it do?  This technique addresses the musculosketal framework, fascia, nerves, internal organs, circulation,lymphatic drainage and aids in the assimilation of nutrients and elimination of toxins.

How can Bowen Therapy help me?  It can assist recovery from many conditions, including traumatic injury, chronic illness, sports injury, chronic and acute problems of the body.  ie.

- back pain and sciatica.

- digestive and bowel problems including IBS

- ear inbalances, menieres, headaches, migrains

- all neck/shoulder issues

- groin pain, uneven leg length, twisted pelvis

- sports and accident injuries

- RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow

- knee ankkle and foot problems

- fibromalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome

- menstrual and hormonal irregularities


Can I claim from my Private Health Fund?     Yes

Can I return to work straight after a treatment?   Yes  

What position do I need to be in to have a treatment?

Generally lying face down for the first part of the treatment and then lying on your back for the 2nd half. If you are unabel to lie down, Bowen Therapy can be done while you are sitting. 


Foot Correctors:  A lot of pain in the body is due to misalignment. ie. The way we use our feet, governs the way our ankles, knees, hips, sacro iliac joints and spine are aligned. 

When our joints are not aligned we cause wear and tear to the joint cartldge.  this in turn causes inflammation, which is called osteo-arthritis.....which causes degeneration of the joint and a lack of range of movement with varying degrees of pain. 

Solution:  is wearing foot correctors (orthotics) that correct the angle the foot strikes the ground.  Relief can be immediate, but is definitely felt be the end of the first week of wearing them in.

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Bowen Therapy and Foot Correctors

15, Davadi St, Stanthorpe, Queensland, 4380, Australia

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