INEXPLICABLE: Businessman Ian Scarvell was drunk after a funeral when he assaulted a paramedic.
INEXPLICABLE: Businessman Ian Scarvell was drunk after a funeral when he assaulted a paramedic.

Businessman’s brutal assault on ambo after funeral

AN IPSWICH court has heard a combination of alcohol and a blow to the head could explain a man's assault on a paramedic who was called upon to help him.

Ian Scarvell said he had no memory of the incident and was later ashamed to hear about what he had done.

Ian Anthony Scarvell, 57, from North Booval, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to serious assault of a public officer when adversely affected by alcohol at Emerald on November 23 last year; obstructing police officers; and causing public nuisance.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said it was 1am when police were called to a house in Emerald to assist an ambulance officer with a patient who was being belligerent and refusing to go in the ambulance.

A paramedic told police Scarvell had walked away from the premises yelling.

He told police Scarvell had "squared up to him, raised a clenched fist and pumped out his chest threatening to fight him".

The court was told Scarvell then lunged at the paramedic, slapping his face twice with a sandal.

He kept punching at him and a struggle ensured, with the paramedic then making a radio call for help.

Scarvell punched him three times in the jaw with a closed fist before police arrived, the court was told.

The paramedic suffered grazes to his left knuckle and knees when he fell.

Sgt Caldwell said police had been called to the same house earlier that night regarding an incident involving two people who required medical treatment.

Sgt Caldwell said when police officers tried to move Scarvell's arms forward for handcuffs he refused and would not stand when police tried to put him in the secure pod of the vehicle.

Scarvell kicked out with both legs at officers as they carried him towards the police vehicle.

Once inside the pod he used his legs to kick the doors and walls and urinated.

He then refused to get out at Emerald hospital, the court heard. Police were called back to the hospital when he tried to take off his oxygen mask and leave.

Defence lawyer Rowan King said Scarvell had since written a letter of apology to the paramedic.

He served in the Australian Defence Force and now earned $240,000 a year operating a vending machine business.

"Due to his level of intoxication he has no recollection of events," Mr King said.

"He regrets his behaviour. It disgusts him.

"He had been to a funeral for family, prior to this. He got extremely intoxicated and he simply has no recollection of his behaviour.

"He injured his head and they were trying to treat him."

Magistrate David Shepherd said from the police facts it seems Scarvell had injured his head when he fell out of a taxi and the impact may have affected him.

"The alcohol may explain it. The bump on his head may explain it or a combination of both," Mr Shepherd said.

Mr Shepherd said he had been intoxicated excessively and his behaviour "really quite disgraceful" when the paramedic was only trying to assist him.

"This sort of conduct cannot be tolerated," Mr Shepherd said.

"I accept this is a one-off incident unlikely to be repeated."

Scarvell was fined $2000. A conviction was not recorded.

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