FAR RIGHT: Aaron Stanley Munchow
FAR RIGHT: Aaron Stanley Munchow Facebook

16 court appearances didn't stop him offending again

A HABITUAL drug offender moved over 10 thousands dollars of drugs in just 10 days.

Aaron Stanley Munchow, 26, pleaded guilty in The Supreme Court of Rockhampton on Friday to one count each of drug trafficking, possession of a drug in excess of 2 grams, possession of a knife in a public place, drug driving, possessing drug utensils, possession of property suspected of being used in connection with a drug offence, two counts of breaching bail and three counts of possession of a dangerous drug.

The court heard Munchow was no stranger to the court system with 16 previous drug charges under his belt.

His last court appearance in 2014 earned him a six-month suspended sentence which he was still subject to at the time of these offences.

The trafficking charge relates to items found in Munchow's car during two police searches in May and June 2015 which uncovered 2.6 grams of pure methamphetamines.

He was released on bail after the first search, but continued to offend.

During Munchow's 10 day trafficking period, 178 drug related messages were sent and received on his phone reflecting at least 14 sales.

In this time he moved a minimum of 5.7g of methamphetamines at $2900 and 1.33kgs of cannabis at $10,925.

Some messages also made reference to "debt management” involving considerations for using violence to encourage the payment of drug debts although there is no evidence any violence occurred.

Munchow has been in custody for the last 16 months.

Justice Duncan McMeekin said Munchow was "clearly undeterred" by his previous suspended sentence and not activating it would "make a mockery of our system”.

Despite this, Justice McMeekin told Munchow his "excellent background” and the support of his family gave him confidence he could be rehabilitated.

Munchow was given a head sentence of four years imprisonment for trafficking to be suspended immediately with an operational period of four years.

His six month suspended sentence was activated and will be served concurrently with his new suspended sentence.

For drug possession he was given three years probation and was disqualified from driving for two months for drug driving.

Munchow was convicted but not further punished for the remaining offences.

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