Marcus John Hiesler is the candidate for Flynn for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party.
Marcus John Hiesler is the candidate for Flynn for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party.

20+ QUESTIONS: How Marcus Hiesler responded

Name: Marcus Hiesler

What made you interested in politics?

For years I have been watching the other parties not do enough and have been frustrated. When Senator Anning declared his party and his policies, I knew then that I had a good leader to follow and to work with.

What makes you the right candidate for the region?

I'm a local, I believe the area has unlimited potential, with the right support the region will flourish and grow.

What should be done to ensure Queensland has reliable, affordable electricity?

I would go back to building coal fire powered stations, just like in the Joh days. The other "alternatives" aren't currently viable as they cost the Australian tax payer too much in subsidies and at this point are unreliable in providing base load power.

What do you think Canberra doesn't understand about the Flynn electorate?

Distance is a key factor especially for basic infrastructure like health services. I believe there is a misconception that we are just like the South East Corner, we aren't! Our area has had to contend with droughts, long distances to ship goods and high unemployment.

Do you think Adani's Carmichael Mine should go ahead?

Yes I do believe this should go ahead, this has the potential for ongoing employment.

What will you do to create jobs for the region, with or without Adani's mine?

Work with businesses to hopefully have them set up or expand in the area. Business development and support networks are important to maintain viability and create job opportunities.

What will you do to make a strong economy within the region and the state?

By liaising with local business and government departments to attract people to the area. Again support networks are important here.

How can we increase tourism in the region?

The Gladstone region has so much to offer, better advertising of local attractions and will help to bring the people to the area. However we need to ensure that there is the infrastructure.

Gladstone's resources sector provides a large amount of royalties to the state and federal governments. How will you ensure that money is returned to the region?

By working for the area and for our party to ensure that we receive an adequate proportion of royalties

What should be done to address climate change, and protect the Great Barrier Reef?

The current "climate change" policies are driving being implemented without considering the cost to our nation's industry. It is imperative we strike a balance. We need to ensure national icons like the Great Barrier Reef are preserved for generations to come but also ensure we remain a prosperous nation.

Will emissions reduction targets affect the long-term viability of BSL and other energy-intensive businesses within the region? Why/Why not?

We have seen the damaging effects of overzealous emission targets in South Australia. Industry is packing up and leaving due to the increased costs of doing business. We need to ensure we are looking after local businesses like BSL and ensure that Government policy doesn't cost Australian jobs. Queensland under Sir Joh had the cheapest power in the world, now everyday Aussies and Australian industry is suffering.

The Observer's recent FutureCQ event revealed community leaders want to see investment to create better sporting facilities. What would you do to facilitate this?

Identifying the areas/sports that require assistance on a needs first basis, then working with the whole community to see those needs come to fruition.

Demographer Bernard Salt's analysis of ABS population data found an increase in youth leaving the region. What can the Federal Government do to encourage youth to stay, or encourage others to move to the Gladstone region?

More opportunities are needed for employment, better access to study modes for young. Moving government departments to the areas allowing for more employment. Making the cost of living less.

Mr Salt's analysis also found there will be an increase in seniors living in Gladstone. What can the Federal Government do to ensure Gladstone has the facilities an ageing population requires?

With an increase in seniors in the Gladstone region health care services need to reflect the increase demand. Our Doctors and Nurses do an amazing job though with many regional areas they are over stretched. We need to ensure our healthcare sector has the resources required to service the region. It is also imperative that the aged have an understanding of the services available to them, such as home help and home nursing visits.

What will you do to provide the region with more health services?

By working with Queensland Health and the private sector to find out what is most needed, then implementing changes to facilitate a positive outcome.

What do you plan to do about the ice problem in Central Queensland?

The ICE epidemic we have seen in central Queensland hasn't been adequately addressed by the major parties. Existing policies have not seen the results we need. We need greater federal support in educating those most at risk. We need to offer pathways like counselling and other harm reduction services to ensure we can better address the core issue.

What should be done to make regional airfares more affordable, and to encourage airlines to add new flight routes to regional airports?

As much as possible here, at present services from our regional airports are below par and are very expensive. Airlines, airport corporations, local councils, local government and state governments all need to work together to achieve a better outcome for our constituents.

What is the most common misconception about you?

I honestly cannot think of one.

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