DEADLY: Queensland Health is warning Stockland shoppers to check their immunisation status right now.
DEADLY: Queensland Health is warning Stockland shoppers to check their immunisation status right now.

9 ridiculous things Rocky anti-vaccers said in measles scare

"CRAZY" anti-vaccine conspiracies plastered on The Morning Bulletin's Facebook post warning Rockhampton of a measles case at Stockland has left experts shocked.

Diehard anti-vaccers adamant immunisation leads to debilitating conditions descended on this paper's Facebook page to warn other parents of the risks of vaccinating their children.

One mum recalled her heart wrenching struggle of discovering her child had autism just after they had been vaccinated.

But some described vaccination programs as "modern day genocide" while others suggested healthy eating is the "common sense" alternative to vaccinations.  

But infectious diseases expert Andrew Taylor-Robinson, Professor of Immunology at CQUniversity, labelled the Facebook commentary "mainly ill-informed, jaundiced and extremely emotive".

"Of course, it's a free society and I absolutely acknowledge the right of readers to air their views," he said.

WATCH | Why you should vaccinate your children 

He said hysteria over the link of vaccinations to autism began with a research paper published 20 years ago which has since been discredited.

"The myth still circulates online, perpetuated by a vociferous anti-vaccine lobby," he said.

"Unfortunately, this has the effect of dissuading parents from getting their youngsters vaccinated.

"On occasions such as the present threat in Rockhampton an unvaccinated, and therefore non-immune, person is … at risk of infection."

Another infectious disease expert, John Aaskov, Professor of Biomedical Sciences at Queensland University of Technology, sounded the alarm bells over the "crazy" conspiracies spreading through the city.

"If you want to protect the community against measles, you need to have more than 85% of the community immunise," he said. "If you get below that, then some people who have had the vaccine may still get infected."

Here are the seven ridiculous statements made by anti-vaccers on The Morning Bulletin's Facebook page.

NOTE: These have been edited for spelling and punctuation.

1. Babies are dying within days and hours of their two and four month 'well baby' check-up where they routinely receive 8 doses of vaccines that carry the risk of APNEA (the cessation of breathing, especially during sleep) and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) among many other listed potential adverse reactions....

And THIS is called SIDS!

It IS going to come out that vaccines have destroyed a generation of children's health. The current vaccine program WILL go down in history as a modern-day GENOCIDE that knows no race, religion, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

2. Just another vaccine promotion. Roll up, roll up. Get your shots. fear, fear, fear!!! 
For god's sake do some research before blindly doing some thing that may be harmful or ineffective. 
If you choose to vaccinate after researching then fine. You have made an informed choice.



3. Propaganda. This is including all Third World countries that we know are dying because they are starving and incredibly immunocompromised. There is only one death even slightly related to measles within the last few years and the coroner's report listed other complications as the actual cause of death... NOT measles...

4. Neither have you seen any suffering with encephalitis after vaccinations, have you???? Stop ignoring the vaccine injured. Severe injuries from measles are extremely rare. Severe complications and deaths after the MMR are not! Two measles deaths in the US from 2003-2015, 127 reported deaths from the MMR in the same time. Never mind all the severe adverse reactions, many of them lifelong injuries! Where there is a risk, there must be a choice. 

5. Are they joking?!! This is the measles FFS. Get over yourselves Queensland Health. Report on something serious like how many people are dying from adverse reactions to vaccines every year or how many people are dying from pharmaceutical medications every year!! Report some actual truth!

6. Before you give her that vaccine please do some research - and if after having done so you still decide to go ahead please ask yourself why most countries on the world only give that vaccine at 24 and 48 months? Australia and the US are two of the only countries giving it so early! Be careful please (my kid is vaccine injured, too late for him).


7. I don't take the health of my children lightly at all but they would be better to get "complications such as diarrhea, ear infections or pneumonia" than have a lifetime of Autism. Have a look at this, you won't regret the knowledge you gain ... 

8. If herd immunity works then what actually happened through the '60, '70, and '80 (in Australia) when they thought most vaccines lasted a life time? (they don't). Most vaccinated people would have only been covered for part of that period, resulting in a low rate of immunisation. Yet the authorities were touting then, that they had beaten most diseases though herd immunity.

Did medical herd immunity really work then? Does it work now when their argument is based upon the above times?

9. My daughter suffered encephalitis, brain swelling after her DTaP vaccine shot. She sailed through chicken pox, measles, mumps and rubella and now has immunity for life.

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