Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie.
Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie. Kari Bourne

Jarrod Bleijie not holding the aces on bikie laws

I had to stifle a laugh while watching this interview, Matt Wordsworth certainly called Mr Bleijie out.

Bleijies political poker face says it all, with his cards on the table he showed he was not holding aces.

I was once told years ago that in the court of Law it was not who was right or wrong but who told the best story.

Surely Mr Bleijie would know that, being so wise and educated on the matters of criminal law. He must be !

Since he has self imposed the right to overturn the decisions made by our more experienced and knowledgeable Judicial members.

Although one would tend to think his inexperience shines through here, his inability to maintain his political stance on matters of importance (e.g Dissociation laws) throughout his climb up the political ladder have shown he bases his opinion not on experience but on who tells the best story.

And quite obviously Mr Bleijie it is NOT YOU!

Perhaps you should have taken Tony Abbotts approach to this interview, worn an earpiece and developed an annoying cough every time a question got a little bit hard to answer directly.

Must be a virus going around Parliament, I hope it's not spreading, I see the side effects are horrendous resulting (by observation only with your head up the ol' proverbial).

One can only hope that your political career may have run out of rungs to climb on that ladder, because if your future political aspirations include an appointed position to Governor General with the upcoming retirement of Quentin Bryce we as Queenslanders and Australians are most certainly in a lot of trouble.