The Beast
The Beast Contributed

REVEALED: Top 5 thrilling rides at the Rocky Show 2017

A BEAST is coming to the Rockhampton Show.

Not in the cattle or animal form, but an 80-tonne monster.

It is the latest and largest thrill ride travelling the Southern Hemisphere - it needs three semi-trailers to move it.

Standing at 25m with a swing of 45m, it spins in a circular motion, back and forth, eventually going higher and higher.

There are only four like it in the world and it is Queensland's first, making it odds on to generate a scream or 10.

Built by Holland's KMG International, "The Beast" is also known as the XXL, weighs 28 tonnes and can service approximately 600 people per hour.

It can reach speeds of 120kms per hour with a side-to-side swing of 47 metres.

At the end of the pendulum is a 360 degree rotating gondola which holds 20 people.

Those brave enough to ride it supposedly endure the same force as some fighter planes.

Which thrill ride at the Rocky Show are you most excited for?

This poll ended on 28 June 2017.

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The Beast


Speed 2


The Zipper








This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Here are our top 5 rides not to miss at the Rockhampton Show which begins on Wednesday.

1. The Beast - enough said really, have fun, if you dare.


The Beast
The Beast Contributed

2. XXXL - patrons get to experience a g-force of 6.5, which has been likened to being in the cockpit of a fighter jet.


The XXXL Contributed

3. The Zipper - a small ride that packs a big punch. Spins, loops, flips that result in a stomach churning experience


The Zipper
The Zipper Contributed

4. Speed 2 - Speed 2 rotates at 10 revolutions/minute and reaching speeds of 120kph. Riders are flown 36m into the air at the top of its arc. Not for the faint hearted.


Speed 2
Speed 2 Dane Lillingstone

5. Extreme - The classic 'rag-doll' style ride flips its arms to rotate the seats like propellers, guaranteed for high pitched screams.


The Extreme.
The Extreme. Alistair Brightman

The rides to check out include, Break Dance, 9D Cinema, Haunted Dark Ride, Ferris Wheel, Gravitron, Sea Circus, Waterballs, Dodgems, Sky Flyer, Midnight Madness and Sky Walker. Enjoy.

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Riverside buzzing with Food and Wine Festival

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