ALP boss demands more powers for rank-and-file members

THE ALP's top Queensland boss will tomorrow demand more power for rank-and-file Labor party members, calling for them to have a say in not just who leads the party nationally, but also in those who would stand as state or senate candidates.

Queensland Labor president Dick Williams will go on the attack against Premier Campbell Newman at the state Labor conference while urging supporters to battle "tooth-and-nail" to convince the public that Labor is worth their vote.

More power in the hands of members would mean less clout in the hands of Labor kingmakers.

Excerpts from his speech, released on Friday have Mr Williams saying, "Such a move will make sure the people we choose to represent us in all aspects of party life reflect the thoughts and feelings of a much broader Labor base".

He is going to argue that while there are misgivings surrounding the LNP's actions in government so far, Labor could not succeed on those sentiments alone.

"We cannot be complacent and expect that just because Queenslanders are angry with Campbell Newman, they will automatically vote for us," Mr Williams said.

"We must fight tooth and nail for the trust of Queenslanders.

"We must fight for every vote, in every suburb, in every street."

Changes to the structure of the Labor nationally will help Labor shake off its reputation as a party of "faceless men", Mr Williams said.

The struggle to rebuild comes 20 months after Labor premier Anna Bligh's government was demolished by a tidal wave of frustration from Queensland voters.

Just seven ALP members now remain in the Queensland Parliament, in contrast to the 74 seats held by the LNP.

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