Rachael Griffiths not the only one to impact Julia Morris

JULIA Morris was thrilled to hone her "actoring" skills with Oscar-nominated star Rachel Griffiths.

Griffiths, who made a name for herself in the US on the hit family drama Brothers and Sisters, made her House Husbands debut on Monday as the ex-wife of Morris's on-screen husband Lewis, played by Gary Sweet.

"She's an extremely high-calibre actress and as a relative newcomer to actoring, it was a tremendous master class for me," Morris told The Guide.

"We had a great deal in common, and of course on long days like that you get to know people really well. We had a very good time, I must say. We did not skimp on the laughs."

The series, filmed in Melbourne, follows the lives of four interconnected families.

While the intentions of Griffiths' character Bella are yet to be revealed, it's expected she will cause tension between Morris's Gemma and husband Lewis.

"It does mix things up having different people come in, and it makes us want to be better," Morris said.

"It makes us proud when people like Rachel choose our show. There are lots of dramas on at the moment."

Lincoln Lewis and Darren McMullen have also joined the Logie-winning cast this year.

Morris says she found Brisbane lad Lincoln, the son of rugby league legend Wally Lewis who plays troublemaker Ned, "incredibly distracting".

"My attentions were very diverted to Lincoln for a good period of time," she said.

"Unfortunately he's about 87 years younger than I am ... but there's a safety zone there, too. I can flirt mercilessly without any fear of weirdness."

As a comedian delving into a dramatic acting career later in life, Morris also found common ground with McMullen, who is best known as the host of The Voice.

"He's an unknown actor like I was coming into the first series," she said.

"I was in an extremely similar position to Darren, being well known for something and no one's bothered to notice if you can do anything else. But the nature of being in show business is you have to do a number of things - you have to be a 50-trick pony."

Filming of the third season wrapped up a few weeks ago, and as much as Morris enjoys returning to being a full-time mum to daughters Ruby and Sophie, she admits she already misses her co-stars.

"It's like a cross between, like, a Stockholm syndrome and a family who have just had a really fun weekend," she said.

"I'd been dying for it to be done, and then as soon as it's done, you're like, 'I wonder how everybody is; I wonder what everybody's doing'."

House Husbands - Nine/WIN - Sundays at 9pm

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