Teen says more youth-related facilities needed in Rocky

THERE'S always a flipside to Rockhampton's lack of youth facilities and activities for Jesse Brodbeck.

The former New South Wales teenager, 17, yesterday donned a slick pair of jeans and a tie-dye shirt, and joined a mob of other keen Rocky skaters who took to their boards for a day "on the grind" at the skate bowl near the Rockhampton PCYC.

A number of community organisations, including Rockhampton PCYC, yesterday organised a skate jam for the mob of skaters as part of National Youth Week.

It included a free barbecue.

Jesse moved to Rockhampton with his family three months ago and found the potential in the region for youngsters about his age was a gold mine, despite some views that there wasn't much going on.

"Maybe they need more skating facilities here, more steel to grind... and there should be more competitions," Jesse said, expressing his opinion about whether or not Rockhampton lacked inspiration for young people.

He has been skating since he was 12. Rockhampton PCYC Sergeant Greg Jones said he often heard Rockhampton youngsters complaining that "there's not enough happening here", and he agreed - to a point.

"A lot of these youngsters want big-name bands here, or big events... if we get organisations together and form partnerships we might be able to come up with some ideas to fill their time," Sgt Jones said.

"But we also need to get these young people involved with organising these events... get them to volunteer so they can feel the benefits of their work."

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