North Rockhampton resident David Thomas tells of the benefits of a detox facility
North Rockhampton resident David Thomas tells of the benefits of a detox facility JACK EVANS

A look at life inside a detox facility

SIX Months was all it took for North Rockhampton's David Thomas to spiral into tragic, life-threatening alcoholism.

The Vietnam vet and former public servant took to the bottle hoping to suppress PTSD from his war time experiences.

David had checked himself into Towong Mental Health Hospital Brisbane's affluent western suburbs.

He said if he hadn't made the decision, the drink would have killed him.

I wish to write in support of the brave mother who related her story in the The Morning Bulletin dated July 23 in relation to the proposed rehab centre.

I have, in the past been a patient in the Towong Mental Hospital located on Milton Road Brisbane for three months on two occasions, therefore I can speak with some first hand knowledge of how these centres operate.

This particular centre is surrounded by $1million mansions. The next door neighbour is a well known news presenter that once worked on Win TV in Brisbane. We often spoke with him over the dividing fence.

Students of various ages take a short cut through the grounds to catch their bus on Milton Road to and from school.

The staff are highly qualified, dedicated professional people who monitor clients at all stages of treatment 24/7 to ensure a safe environment for staff, clients, visitors and the general public.

In my opinion they make the perfect neighbour - lights out at 9.30, never any loud noise day or night, gardens and grounds kept in immaculate condition.

The Towong centre caters for all addictions and mental health issues. I was a patient for alcohol abuse and PTSD. My wife visited me on many occasions as did other visitors for other clients, all walked freely around the hospital.

Having one located in Rockhampton is a bonus. I know the previous local member Bill Byrne pushed extremely hard to have one located here as he was aware of the problems with this ice epidemic in the area and that is why he was able to have the ice summit held in Rockhampton.

If, because of the actions of some people, this facility is delayed for even one week it will create more victims and devastated families.

The person who leaked this information to people who are unqualified to make judgement on this issue has been completely disloyal to their employer and one must question their ethical standards and intellectual capacity to understand that their employer has the right to terminate their employment under The Code Of Conduct standards.

I have also spent time at a similar facility, Archer View located at Hillcrest Hospital. As we know this is also located in a very sought after part of the city. The staff at this hospital, like those at Towong, do a magnificent job.

Please do not delay the provision of this facility and do not be afraid of what might happen, through my experience I have found them to be very safe, peaceful places.

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