A successful Wednesday on the fire front

Day five of the Cap Coast fires started with crews monitoring a slow-moving fire burning at Adelaide Park.

At 6.25am fires burnt between Limestone Creek Road and Browns Lane within containment lines.

Crews constructed a fire break between Adelaide Park Road and Collins Road over Tuesday night and continued to do so through yesterday to strengthen containment lines.

The second front continued to travel from Cobraball towards Bungundarra, Maryvale and Lake Mary and was expected to have a significant impact on the community.

The fire in the Mount Lizard also burnt within containment lines.

By midday, Livingstone mayor Bill Ludwig said he was “relatively confident” that emergency services would be able to hold the line against the Cap Coast fires, despite the unfavourable weather conditions faced.

“We always knew (yesterday) was going to be the most challenging day,” he said.

Cr Ludwig said although he expected containment lines to hold, people should not become complacent due to the potential for flare-ups.

The focus now for the Livingstone Shire is to get the community back to normality and Cr Ludwig even hinted towards concessions for land fill during the clean-up.

Executive officer of the Rockhampton Disaster district, Cameron Barwick, said 11,500 hectares had been burnt and the fire was currently at 75 per cent containment.

He said emergency services were working

on opening more roads and allowing residents to return home when it was safe to do so.

Central Queensland Health warned residents in fire affected areas to be weary of ash that may be moving into water supplies through gutters.

Rural Fire Service upgraded today’s fire danger rating from ‘high’ to ‘very high’ as the hot dry winds were expected to continue.

Thunderstorms, baring little rain, were also forecast yesterday afternoon through till today.

Australian Defence Force personnel have been requested to conduct reconnaissance of the fire affected area around Yeppoon. The ADF was also asked to assist in disaster management efforts.

Two rotary wing reconnaissance aircraft were requested to capture night time imagery and mapping of the fire ground, including thermal and infra-red vision to assist with bushfire management and prevention.

Reconnaissance operations began last night at 10:00pm.

Firefighters from Tasmania and New Zealand also began work across Queensland’s fire fronts, including in Yeppoon. The Morning Bulletin understands the fire was deliberately lit but Queensland police would not respond to our requests for comment.

The Cordingley Street evacuation centre closed yesterday evening.

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