ABARES: Red tape is choking Aussie agricultural industry

AUSTRALIA'S agricultural industry is being choked by reams of needless red-tape, according to a federal research agency.

In its latest review released on Friday, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences weighed in on some of the country's most contentious laws, including those governing livestock exports which it described as "overly prescriptive" and key environmental legislation it found lacked clarity in key areas.

ABARES warns there were 90 pieces of legislation covering agriculture on top of regulations that apply to all businesses.

The independent research arm of government looked closely at areas brought up during a 2007 review by the Productivity Commission, which were then noted by the Australian Government in 2008 for further consideration.

The report has won the support of the National Farmers' Federation although chief executive Matt Linnegar said the suggestions must now evolve into actions.

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