READERS DISCUSS: Cyclists riding on road of Fitzroy bridge

DRIVING instructor Leyland Barnett says authorities have a duty of care to make the Fitzroy River Bridge safe for cyclists after an accident last week.

We asked readers: What do you think?

Ethan Lobodin - Just on the story, I said the exact same thing last week about risk assessment.

Look at the Hierarchy of Control.

Ethan Lobodin - It is bad enough for cars!

Here is the logic.

Build bridge for cars.

Four lane with no divider hardly enough room for cars.

Allow cyclists to ride on road decreasing the already limited room.

Cyclist involved in accident.

Decide bridge needs cyclist lanes (or whatever).

Cyclist safety is more important, ongoing car safety issues remain unanswered.

Ask yourself, how many cyclists use the bridge every day and how many cars use the bridge every day.

Time to introduce restrictions in areas throughout the city and on highways for bikes.

Krishelle L Greentree - It's common sense really. I don't mind bikes in some places, but if there's a safer alternative (e.g. the pathway on bridge) then common sense says use that...

Terry Grant - Yes make the bridge safer, ban bicycles on them! Use the pathway that was built for pedestrians and cyclists.

Emma Thwaite Tresize - Why don't bikes install mirrors on the handle bars. If a car doesn't have mirrors or they are broken it is a defect but a bike can ride on the road as is. There is only so much drivers can do to avoid bike riders but it's a two-way street. Bike riders need to either stay off the roads or put mirrors on so they can see cars as well as cars seeing them.

Reuben Of-Roberticus - I don't think you've really thought about your reply.

If a cyclist has a mirror on and hard in the gutter with a driver bearing down on them who is obviously not aware it won't help them.

Azara Goodson - Anyone who thinks the current shared bike/ footpath is safe should walk or ride it.

There is broken glass all over it, edges formed from the bridge's movement, which is a good trip hazard, there is not enough space for two mountain bikes with wide handle bars to ride past each other, let alone a pram or wheelchairs.

Julian Lawton - Think they should use the pathway with the railing there like the rest of pedestrians and cyclists use.

SeanH - If you are driving in such a manner that you have to slam on brakes at the last minute because you are not taking into account your environment when driving, then frankly, you should consider handing in your licence.

mehere - common sense and cycling don't seem to go hand in hand really. self entitlement takes over pretty quickly.

ebs240 - Hear! Hear!

Agree wholeheartedly!

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