Accused arsonist had 'vast knowledge' how to make fire bombs

A YOUNG woman accused of setting fire to her Nan's house gave police a written statement afterwards with one version of events and then a different version the next day.

Ladice Jade Maree Carter is on trial in Rockhampton District Court after pleading not guilty to one count of arson.

Crown prosecutor Will Slack said the Crown alleges Ms Carter lit the fire that destroyed the back bedroom of a rental property in Berserker St on August 6, 2017, where she lived with her "Nan,'' Marie Kenny.

He said it was also alleged that Ms Carter lit two Molotov cocktails (fire bombs) found in Mrs Kenny's backyard three nights earlier.

However, Ms Carter accuses a former boyfriend - Cobi Cox - of lighting the house fire and being the instigator of making the Molotov cocktails, which were never lit.

Mr Cox vehemently denied the allegations while giving evidence on Tuesday, saying he was at home playing computer games and sleeping both nights and had never been to the Berserker St house later than 6pm.

The jury yesterday heard the audio recording of the interview Queensland Police Service conducted with Ms Carter on August 8, where she was able to describe how Molotov cocktails were made, that she had "mucked around" with her brother and his friend with fire bombs in New South Wales and she changed her story from the previous day's hand written statement.

"You seem to have a very vast knowledge of these things," a police officer said during the interview.

Ms Carter said her brother, his mate and herself "were being very destructive one night" and lit Molotov cocktails on an oval in New South Wales.

As the recording continued, Ms Carter told the officers Mr Cox was in the house that night and told her to set the bedroom on fire but she refused and told him to leave.

She said Mr Cox went to use the toilet, located on the back verandah near the back room where the fire was later located, before leaving and looked "shaken" when he returned to the living room where she was before she let him out the locked front door and he "ran down the street".

Ms Carter told police the smoke alarm went off next and when she opened the back bedroom door, where her uncle slept from time to time, she found fire on the floor, bed base and mattress along with a window being ajar.

She went on to say she called for everyone to get out of the house because of the fire and yelled for help.

Police ask her to read out the written statement she provided them the day before, then pointed out there was no mention of Mr Cox being at the house that day in that statement.

Ms Carter responded that Mr Cox had threatened to harm her if she 'dobbed' and she hadn't told her Nan about the threats.

Ms Carter claimed she had dated Mr Cox "for a while" but they broke up and remained friends. Mr Cox had denied this allegation when he gave evidence.

The trial continues today.

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