Woman says she didn't spit blood

MOMENTS after Christine Ann Rowan was smashed in the face with a shovel police came racing into the pitch black room ready to break up an erupting fight.

Bleeding profusely from the mouth, Rowan managed to pull herself up off the floor and allegedly screamed she would kill someone.

That’s when police stepped in – but she retaliated by spitting at two officers, a court heard yesterday.

It wasn’t until the lights were turned on that Constable Chris Hayes said he and Constable Lauren O’Hanlon realised they were not only covered in saliva but blood too.

Rowan, however, has pleaded not guilty to the alleged attack at a Campbell Street home on January 3 this year.

A trial in Rockhampton District Court, which began yesterday, will determine if the 46-year-old is guilty of two counts of serious assault on police.

Constable Hayes yesterday took the stand to tell his version of the events, but defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco was quick to fire a series of hard questions.

“Didn’t you know she had just been struck in the face with a shovel?” he asked.

“Didn’t you know she had loose teeth when you pushed her in the face?

“Are you surprised at how she acted given her injuries? She could have choked on her own blood!”

Constable Hayes said he didn’t know about her injuries only that he was trying to protect himself and fellow officer from the path of anymore blood through his action.

Yesterday he told the court the incident started when Rowan shouted the threat to kill and started walking.

He said he initially grabbed her to stop and could feel her arm was “wet and slimy”.

Constable Hayes said she began yelling profanities, then heard spitting noises and could feel wet patches hitting his forearm and shirt.

He said Constable O’Hanlon warned Rowan not to spit but she continued.

Rowan was eventually restrained and had to be physically removed from the home.

Ambulance officers who arrived at the scene refused to treat Rowan due to her abuse.

Rowan lost four teeth from the shovel attack, which were clearly still missing during her appearance in court yesterday.

The trial continues today.

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