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Accused stalker calls convicted pedophile as witness

A FORMER security officer, who stood as a witness for an accused stalker, has been blasted in court for being a convicted pedophile.

Brendan Larsen is currently in prison after pleading guilty to raping a 12-year-old girl and was asked to give evidence yesterday for a man he befriended while behind bars at the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre.

John Howard Amundsen, 49, who has previously lived on the Sunshine Coast, is representing himself at a trial after pleading not guilty to stalking his lover.

He called Mr Larsen to testify yesterday and identify Mr Amundsen's handwriting.

The witness said the handwriting on love letters allegedly sent to Mr Amundsen's lover did not match the defendant's handwriting.

Mr Larsen said he knew what Mr Amundsen's handwriting looked like because they spent weeks together in a medical unit in prison.

He said they were in the isolated medical unit because Mr Amundsen was a high-profile inmate and all of his outgoing mail would have been checked.

The jury had previously heard how Mr Amundsen was charged with a terrorism offence which was later dropped.

During cross examination, prosecutor Sal Vasta asked Mr Larsen if the court was supposed to just trust him.

"You want us to trust you just like that little girl trusted you, don't you?" Mr Vasta asked

The courtroom became hostile as Mr Amundsen tried to object several times during the cross examination.

He said Mr Larsen's history was not "essential to this matter" and said the prosecutor was badgering the witness.

"He's entitled to put questions to him but he is not entitled to bring up issues which relate to outside this trial, which will do so in a way that is abusive…" Mr Amundsen said.

However, he was told it was relevant because the witness's credibility was essential because Mr Amundsen had established him as a trusted man with integrity.

Mr Vasta went on to reveal that Mr Larsen has also been caught with a child exploitation material on his computer.


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