Accused stalker's fate now in jury's hands

A FORMER Sunshine Coast man accused of 19 instances of stalking could discover his fate today.

John Howard Amundsen represented himself in a fortnight-long trial over his alleged harassment of a former lover stemming back to 2011.

Judge Nicholas Samios told the jury the Crown did not have to prove every one of the 19 alleged stalking instances for a guilty verdict to be returned.

The allegations related to a hired private detective following the woman around Brisbane, unwanted phone calls, a man fitting Amundsen's description loitering outside the woman's workplace and attempts to hack her email account.

Amundsen denied the bulk of the claims and argued that, even if they were true, the woman had no cause to feel concern.

"He went on to say that this is a case that he did not know the relationship was over, that if he made contact it was to restore what appeared to be the broken relationship from (the woman's) side," Judge Samios told the jury.

If the jury finds that to be reasonable, they must deliver a verdict of not guilty.

"He says that if you look at the history of the relationship, it was an intimate one, there was love being exchanged between each other…" Judge Samios stated.

The Crown argued it was not the case.

"The prosecution says, when you look at it, Mr Amundsen was claiming he was not aware the relationship was over. However, the evidence would persuade you the relationship must have been over…" Judge Samios said.

The jury is now deliberating and could deliver a verdict as early as today.


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