Adani expects to run driverless trucks late next year

INDIAN energy giant Adani has ordered 55 "super large" dump trucks for late next year. It is unclear how many of the trucks will require drivers, given the company's desire to use automated machinery.

"All the vehicles will be capable of automation," said CEO Jeyakumar Janakara.

"When we ramp up the mine, everything will be autonomous from mine to port... in our eyes, this is the mine of the future."

In its early phase, Carmichael is projected to export 40 million tonnes of coal a year.

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Breaking: Pedestrian assaulted crossing street in Rocky CBD

ASSAULT: 16-year-old boy assaulted on the corner of East St and Stanley St.

After altercation with passenger of a car.

Two bodies recovered from sunken fishing trawler

TRAGIC NEWS: Inspector Darren Sommerville addresses the media at Gladstone Police Station.

The bodies will be brought back to shore tonight.

Dear Deputy PM, show us the Rookwood money: QLD Government

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce in Rockhampton last year to talk about infrastructure spending and the proposed Rookwood Weir.

Letter to the federal government was given exclusively to the Bully.

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