THE REAL THING: Job projections released by Adani in a 2012 report.
THE REAL THING: Job projections released by Adani in a 2012 report.

Adani: "It's jobs, jobs and more jobs” for Central Queenslanders

ROCKHAMPTON is set to be an Adani fly-in-fly-out hub for hundreds of workers as the giant Carmichael Mine coal mine begins to gear up for its construction phase next year.

A Carmichael Mine spokesperson said the company would be looking for fly-in-fly out opportunities across regional Queensland to fill a portion of their 10,000 jobs and the Rockhampton and Gladstone regions were high on that hit list.

"It's jobs, jobs and more jobs for regional Queenslanders (see graphic this page) including people in Townsville, Mackay and the Rockhampton-Gladstone region," he said.

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"There are people I know who work in the Bowen Basin from Gladstone, they fly in and out from Rockhampton."

"We will source what we can locally and then we will move to the regional centres.

The company expects to start construction in the September Quarter 2017 and he urged workers to watch for advertisements in The Morning Bulletin and on the company's (Adani's) website.

He rejected recent rumours about the project's viability.

"During the past few weeks in particular, there has been some misinformation circulating that the Carmichael project is not financially viable," he said.

"The company has to date invested $3.3 billion in meeting all of the rigorous requirements of the Federal, State and Local governments. In addition, Adani has spent $100 million in defending legal challenges. These are substantial amounts that clearly demonstrate that Adani believes this is a financially viable project."

He said the State Government's new 100 per cent FIFO ban for new projects (it now requires mine owners to give first preference to potential employees who've within 100kms of the project) did not affect Carmichael mine, Adani would still welcome job applications from anyone, whether or not they live within 100kms.

The second major development this week was State Parliament passing amendments to the new legislation covering water licences for mining companies.

The amendments, in part, allowed companies who have already met the stringent scientific and engineering requirements - plus had them tested in the Land Court - to make a formal application for a water licence.  The spokesman said Adani was the only company to meet all those requirements to date, and the company will now lodge a formal application for a water licence.

"This is not an automatic process - all of the data will again be reviewed, this time by the Director-General of the relevant department. So, it's not an "automatic" tick," he said.

"In addition, there are a number of smaller but still significant procedures to be cleared, including the associated water, rail and port projects.

"In this regard, Adani has also welcomed the State Government's declaration of Critical Infrastructure which allows the intervention of the Co-Ordinator General to ensure the company and the state departments are meeting all criteria in an appropriate and timely fashion."

He said activists were false in saying the water legislation has given Adani a fast track clearance.

" While Adani has welcomed the support of the State Parliament, it is noteworthy that the company has been working on this project for more than six years.

" Hardly fast track."


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