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FINE ART: Lancelot "Capability" Brown. Contributed

ADFAS lecture on UK's greatest gardener

THE Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Society, Rockhampton, is very pleased to be welcoming the British Chartered Horticulturalist, gardener, lecturer and writer Steven Desmond to Rockhampton on Saturday.

Steven will give an illustrated presentation, '300 Years of 'Capability' Brown at 10.30am on October 29 in the Fitzroy Room of the Rockhampton Regional Library.

Lancelot 'Capability' Brown was born in rural Northumberland in 1716 and throughout the UK the 300th anniversary of that event has been celebrated this year. 'Capability' Brown went on to become arguably the greatest gardener that nation has ever produced and certainly the most respected throughout Europe in his lifetime.

He perfected the 'painterly' landscape we associate with many British stately homes.

He mastered the use of turf, water and artfully placed trees in expansive vistas often viewed from shady, shrubbed pathways.

He transformed whole estates into works of art and moreover of profitable economy.

He started out as a gardener and his first big break was as Head Gardner at Stowe.

He started his own business in 1752 and proved to be an astute business man, at home dealing with all classes of people.

He and his 'Capability' men travelled all over transforming the land.

His style became so universal that the poet RO Cambridge wrote that he hoped to die before 'Capability' Brown so that he might see heaven before the improvements had been carried out.

Steven Desmond is a specialist in the historic gardens of Britain and Europe and lectures throughout the UK, including at Oxford University.

He leads specialist horticultural tours throughout Europe and writes for Country Life.

This year his book Gardens of the Italian Lakes was published and has been very well received.

The talk will follow Lancelot 'Capability' Brown's life and the development of his much copied style of gardening.

As his work was largely at the great homes and palaces of his day, the talk will tour many of the highlights of Britain's heritage.

This is a talk for anyone travelling to Britain and plans to visit their stately homes and estates.

It is also ideal for gardeners and landscapers and even for students of business or those who simply enjoy seeing beautiful landscapes and gardens.

All are welcome to attend this rare chance to learn all about Capability Brown landscapes by a UK expert right here in Rockhampton. . Free for members and casual visits are $25 which includes morning tea with the lecturer.

The ADFAS Rockhampton 2017 programme will also be revealed.

See the Rockhampton page at for further information or ADFAS Rockhampton on Facebook.

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