(L-R) Jack Riewoldt, Dustin Martin, Shane Edwards and Dion Prestia of the Tigers react after Prestia kicked a goal during the AFL grand final
(L-R) Jack Riewoldt, Dustin Martin, Shane Edwards and Dion Prestia of the Tigers react after Prestia kicked a goal during the AFL grand final JULIAN SMITH

AFL Grand Final: All the players rated

REPUTATIONS are made on Grand Final day and a host of players wearing yellow and black enhanced theirs in Richmond's thumping win against the Crows.

Dustin Martin makes it a clean sweep for 2017 by winning the Norm Smith Medal. The midfielder became the first player in AFL history to win the Brownlow Medal and the Norm Smith Medal. But he was just one of a number of stars.

Kane Lambert was an important player for the Tigers
Kane Lambert was an important player for the Tigers JULIAN SMITH


1. Nick Vlastuin (rating: 9) - Nerves got him early as he coughed up a goal to Eddie Betts, but the Tiger defender rebounded in impressive fashion and along with Rance tore the Crows forward line apart.

2. Dylan Grimes (8) - Made his way over to Eddie Betts and held him goalless for the final three and a half quarters, playing his role to perfection.

3. Dion Prestia (8) - Picked Richmond because of its list and played a huge role in their midfield dominance; great choice Dion, great choice.

4. Dustin Martin (10) - Dominated. Nobody wanted to go near him. Plays with a stiff arm at the ready but didn't have to use it. Goal late in the second term had the Tigers' fans going nuts. Norm Smith winner.

5. Brandon Ellis (6) - Couple of big, bone-bruising tackles early set the tone and he regularly got on the outside of his teammates' inside grunt work and drove the ball forward.

6. Shaun Grigg (6) - Nothing spectacular but drifted forward to snag a cheeky goal. Beyond that didn't have a major impact.

8. Jack Riewoldt (5) - Missed three early shots but presented all day long and took two big hangers. Only bagged two goals as Talia battled to a draw.

9. Trent Cotchin (6) - Not great with his disposal efficiency but just willed himself into everything. Clearance work in the first half was enormous.

10. Shane Edwards (10) - Led the Tigers for clearances and inside 50s. Had the game of his life on the biggest stage of them all.

12. David Astbury (7) - Hung out with Tex Walker all day, probably as fresh now as he was heading into the contest.

14. Bachar Houli (9) - Waleed Aly's mate was a key prong of the Tigers' three-headed defensive snake - along with Rance and Vlastuin - that just did whatever they pleased.

17. Daniel Rioli (5) - Presence was felt a few times when the ball was deep in the forward line but couldn't emulate his famous family's efforts on grand final day.

18. Alex Rance (10) - The number one defender in the game came to the party today, intercepted everything that came his way and saved what felt like 10 goals.

21. Jacob Townsend (4) - Buried Matt Crouch into the MCG turf with a tackle in the second term and followed that up with a goal. Kicked a late one as the game was well and truly over.

22. Josh Caddy (4) - Kicked the Tigers first goal of the game and then had minimal impact as the Tigers ran rampant.

23. Kane Lambert (6) - Only behind Shane Edwards for the most inside 50s on the day, continued to run and work all day long.

25. Toby Nankervis (6) - Despite Sam Jacobs' dominance in the ruck, Nank matched him on the ground and drifted back to take a few big intercept marks.

33. Kamdyn McIntosh (3) - Had a few flashes around the middle of the ground but couldn't get in on the act like the rest of his teammates.

34. Jack Graham (9) - The youngest little cub on the park. Had two career goals coming in, bagged a hat trick. Remember the name!

35. Nathan Broad (3) - Floated around the backline and started a few charges forward for the Tigers. Most of his work was completed behind the scenes.

40. Dan Butler (3) - The rain came down at the MCG and this mosquito disappeared from the action.

46. Jason Castagna (3) - Pulled a George and slept under his desk while his teammates went to work. Kicked one goal but that was about it.

Jake Lever was one of the Crows's best.
Jake Lever was one of the Crows's best. JULIAN SMITH


2. Brad Crouch (rating: 5) - Certainly had a crack but you could count the number of telling possessions he had on one hand.

3. Riley Knight (3) - Looked completely out of his depth, missing an early shot at goal and then shying from the moment from then on.

4. Josh Jenkins (1) - A contested third quarter mark at least gave Crows fans reassurance he was, in fact, alive. But he promptly kicked the ball directly to a Tigers opponent and that summed up an absolute howler of a game.

6. Jake Lever (4) - Unsuited to playing against the dynamic, small Tigers forward line. Exposed for pace at times and didn't kick the ball particularly well.

8. Jake Kelly (4) - Appeared to be hampered by a hamstring issue and never made a mark on the game.

9. Rory Sloane (7) - Sparked the Crows with two first quarter goals and was among their better players, but still would have expected more from himself.

11. Paul Seedsman (4) - Was meant to be a relatively solid replacement for injured Brodie Smith. Proved otherwise.

12. Daniel Talia (5) - Can't really fault the key defender - unless you want to compare him to his opposite number in Rance?

13. Taylor Walker (2) - Kicked two goals but they came after the game was all but decided. Otherwise resembled Captain Invisible. Compared to Riewoldt - who just found a way to impact a game unsuited to the tall forwards - he was a disappointment.

14. David Mackay (3) - Showed why he's a player Crows fans have never trusted. Move him on.

15. Kyle Hartigan (3) - Filled his personal blooper reel at a furious rate early in the game before recovering slightly.

16. Luke Brown (5) - Did his job like he always does apart from one marking contest where he was left one-out on Martin.

18. Eddie Betts (3) - Finished with just one goal after being robbed of one by the umpires and blanketed by Grimes.

20. Hugh Greenwood (5) - Surprise packet in the first quarter where he was close to the best player on the ground but struggled physically from that point.

21. Rory Atkins (2) - Another youngster who not only failed to rise to the occasion, but shrunk from it. Decision-making was shocking.

22. Andy Otten (1) - Unfortunately found himself on Rance and that was a mismatch of epic proportions. When he wasn't outmarked he often found a way to give away a free kick.

23. Charlie Cameron (4) - Another who appeared to be bothered by an early injury, perhaps a calf complaint. Didn't have his usual explosiveness and was a non-factor.

24. Sam Jacobs (8) - Probably the Crows best. Clearly won the ruck duel against Nankervis. tried to get involved in attack and made some important interventions in defence.

26. Richard Douglas (5) - Put his head over the ball but didn't play with any composure.

27. Tom Lynch (4) - Normally provides the polish for a team that was crying out for it in this game but failed to deliver.

29. Rory Laird (6) - In Adelaide's best, but that wasn't saying a lot in this game.

44. Matt Crouch (8) - Had a mountain of the footy and did his reputation no harm. Going to be a star for a long time.

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