Anthony Dunn with the AgriWebb app at Beef Australia
Anthony Dunn with the AgriWebb app at Beef Australia

Ag technology a ‘real gamechanger’ for Roma producer

Roma producer Anthony Dunn is an avid believer in using agriculture technology to create efficiencies on the ground and increase the bottom line.

The manager of Echo Hills, 83kms northeast of Roma, was at Beef Australia checking out the latest technology at farm management software company AgriWebb.

Mr Dunn has been using AgriWebb for the past year on the mixed farming operation of cereal and cattle.

He said AgriWebb has been a “real advantage” to their operation.

“It’s certainly a game changer in consolidating all of your farm records in one place,” Mr Dunn said.

“(I’m) really excited by AgriWebb and what it delivers, one stop shop on your phone, replacing your pocket notebook and storing it all so if you do wash your phone you don’t lose all your records,” Mr Dunn said.

“I can be on a horse shifting cattle and I can just pick that mob up on my screen on my iPhone and put them in the next paddock.

“It’s done, I don’t have to write it down in a notebook, it’s on that phone, it’s synched when you get back in service and that stores it.”

The property is owned by Peter and Nikki Thompson who also work on the property, with AgriWebb helping with staff work.

“You can put tasks in there for other staff, but they can also see where that broken fence and where they are in relation to that so they can find that,” Mr Dunn said.

“You can make a no go zone, so the staff can see it is a no go zone, if its steep country for a four-wheeler or a horse.”

Mr Dunn also uses technology that measures grass by satellite and he can see kilos per hectares in the paddock every five days.

This software connects to AgriWebb, allowing Mr Dunn to see all of the data in one spot.

Beef Australia 2021 had a huge focus on agtech this event with a plethora of innovative new technologies on display.

“There is that many tools in agtech at the moment, it’s not about taking over your gut feeling or management,” he said.

“A big tool box is a really beneficial thing and I think that’s where producers need to look at their toolbox and see what agtech tools they need going forward.”

As there is so much to choose from, Mr Dunn said you can sometimes get a bit “over-award”.

“I think for us it has been steady as you go, seeing the commercial benefits and the outcomes of using that technology and really thinking through that lens before investing instead of just buying something and going well actually, it’s not delivering,” he said.

“At the end of the day, to make your operation profitable, whatever you adopt, it has to help you in your production, benefit your property and bottom line.

“In the tech world there is real change around the fact that tech companies really need to listen to producers about what their problems are and develop solutions through tech, rather than just inventing something and hope people use it.”

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