Age old issue of... age, speeding up when we want it slower

WHERE does the time go?

In a months time I will turn 42.

I find it hard to comprehend.

My life is not how I imagined it would be at 42.

Who am I kidding. When I was little I couldn't even imagine being over 40.

The age 30 was my ballpark figure of 'old age' in my imagination, when I presumed I would be married, have three kids and a wonderful career earning mega bucks.

Score nil to those aspirations.

Well, maybe I can give myself some points.

I got married (and divorced), I had one kid, acquired a step-kid and you may count my partner as number three in the kid count. (You may, but I would get in trouble if I did.)

I also have a wonderful career... although I am still waiting on those mega bucks.

A few days before my birthday my dad will celebrate his too, as he turns 65.


He can't believe it, and neither can I.

Harry Bruce Supermum April 11
Harry Bruce Supermum April 11 Harry Bruce


Despite the number issue, he is pretty excited to hit retirement age I can tell you.

I don't think he has counted down the days like this since he was a teen waiting to get his driver's licence.

He told me this week his life seemed to go so slow in those pre-licence days.

Then once he finally had the keys to the car life just sped up, and the next thing he knew he was about to turn 65.

That doesn't bode well for me.

I was hoping as I got older life would start to slow down, and I would have more time to do things I want to do.

I don't think I look my age. I don't think I act it either.

Having kids sure keeps you young.

I took the kids and their friends to the movies last weekend to see The Lego Movie in 3D.

I don't know who enjoyed it more…. me or them.

But I must admit I was exhausted by the time I got home after dealing with all their antics before and after the movie; choices at the candy bar, who was sitting with whom and where, plus all the toilet trips.

That's another thing about kids.

They can make you feel young and so old at the same time.

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