Rockhampton airport flood-proofing faces barriers

A REPORT on flood barriers at the Rockhampton airport has been grounded until next year.

During a Performance and Service meeting on Tuesday, the report was submitted for the committee's consideration after it received an unsolicited proposal for flood barriers at the airport from a "company that supplies relevant equipment".

The airport was closed for three weeks in January, 2011, when the Fitzroy River peaked at 9.2m.

The proposals were run through the Fitzroy flood model to determine the effectiveness of the proposals to guide whether the council should consider pursuing the option further.

Mayor Margaret Strelow said more work had to be done on the proposal which wouldn't necessarily mean the airport would be usable in a flood.

"This product is not overly expensive by just protecting the main runway itself, the underneath is so waterlogged you still can't use it anyway," she said.

"We will have a look at next year's budgets to look at the options".

Cr Ellen Smith said she did not support the proposal or future assessment of the flood-proofing.

"I am not going to support it the way it is; there are too many unknowns and too many questions.

"It is a very good report but I am concerned that because it is such a flooded area you aren't going to be able to use it anyway, why try to protect it?," she said.

"I don't want it assessed, it's a waste of time."

The motion was eventually moved that consideration be given in the 2016-17 budget to assess the implementation of temporary or permanent flood barrier solutions; with a note that Ms Smith moved against.

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