Taranganba drug overdose

Alarmed woman wakes to find drug teen in home, grabs knife

IMAGINE waking up to find a stranger in your home in the middle of the night.

Renee Holmes doesn't have to imagine it - it was the reality she faced in the early hours of this morning.

The Taranganba mother, who lives across the road from the home where 11 teenagers allegedly overdosed on a cocktail of prescription drugs and alcohol overnight, woke up about 2am to find a teenage boy walking through her house.

"We did have a kid walk in to our house and into my son's room looking for someone, looking for his brother," Ms Holmes said.

"My son woke up and was talking to someone and that's when I came out of the room and a young fella was sitting in the lounge room so we were trying to get him out of the house.

"It's pretty scary when someone walks into your house and I thought maybe something was wrong then. I said you'll have to go or I'll call the police so obviously someone did call the police.

"He wasn't violent. He looked very young, he said he was 17 but he looked about 14. He looked very concerned and like he was lost; he thought he was somewhere else. He had lost his bearings.

"He didn't know where the highway was and wanted me to make a phone call. In the end he did leave but he came back and that's when I stood at the window and said 'no I can't help you anymore'.

Ms Holmes said she was concerned for the boy due to his young age, but said the safety of her family was her main focus.

"We were just a bit scared at that stage because it was 2am and someone walking into your house doesn't make you want to help them really," she said.

"When he left my son said 'mum, he was looking for his brother, he said he was in here and I think he might be hiding in here'. I went and grabbed a knife then and sort of searched the rooms.

"When the young boy came back to the front window I sort of had the knife there and I think that may have scared him away. I feel bad because it was a big knife but I had no intention of using it, I just needed to have it with me."

Soon after scaring off the intruder, Ms Holmes said police arrived at the home across the road and started kicking the front door in.

"My daughter saw it from her room and I could just see the lights flashing down the hallway. There was a bit of yelling and screaming,"

"It sort of kept us up all night. It was a bit scary. They were there for a while and they blocked the road off by parking across it."

Ms Holmes said she was oblivious to the fact 11 teenagers had overdosed on drugs in the home until news broke this morning, but had come across problems in the neighbourhood previously.

"We've just moved here so we didn't really know but a few people have said that things happen around here," she said.

"We've heard a bit of noise around here before, a bit of shouting and carrying on but not anything like this."

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