All the glitz and glamour of the Black Dog Ball

FORMAL FUN: Petrina and John Morgan and Chloe and Jens Kraeft at the Black Dog Ball.
FORMAL FUN: Petrina and John Morgan and Chloe and Jens Kraeft at the Black Dog Ball. Life After Dark Photography

THE Black Dog Ball kicked off Queensland's Mental Health Week for Rockhampton, selling out the venue as they promote awareness.

Central Queensland has put its best foot forward in engaging with the Queensland Mental Health Week, being an adamant contributor to the record-breaking 200 events held this year.

Ever eager to promote the importance of mental health and well-being, the Black Dog Ball kicked off the week a day early in its fifth year of glitz and glamour.

The event is staged each year with the aim of promoting the importance of mental health and well-being, and this year was no different as 600 people attended the event and offered their support.

Tickets for the event went on sale in early June for $195 per person, and sold out rapidly within 11 days of release.

Black Dog Committee member Debbie Hughes was amazed at the turnout, remarking that such an occurrence was humbling for the committee.

"The event was a huge success and we're just really humbled by the community support of the event, and the initiative of our community to support mental health,” she said.

"To look out across a crowd of 600 people from the community who are there to give support, that's just something we're really proud of and humbled by.”

The tickets were all-inclusive, paying for a three-course sit-down meal, refreshments at Callaghan Park and a transfer by bus to Paradise Lagoons.

Todd McKenney, special guest Master of Ceremonies for 2017, also gave a performance for the crowd, singing seven songs throughout the night, including well-known Peter Allen songs.

The committee didn't stop there either, erecting an outdoor cinema for the night.

While the total amount of money raised is yet to be tallied, Debbie felt confident in saying that the event produced a significant amount of money for Carers Queensland.

A large portion of this money is likely to come from the charity auction held at the ball, alongside the raffle for the night.

Prizes for the auction included items such as a tanzanite and diamond ring donated by Mystique Jewellers which sold for $5900, and a hospitality package from the Red Lion Hotel that went for $10,000.

The raffle also produced significant funds, with 200 tickets selling out for $100 each for a brand-new Honda Jazz donated by DC Motors and the Honda Motor Company for a total $200,000.

Winners of the car, Chris and Terry Gavan, said at the time that they would be donating the car to Terry's mother, who is a foster carer.

Even more events are lined up throughout central and central west Queensland to come, ranging from tea parties and sausage sizzles to art exhibitions.

A breakfast seminar will be given by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand at 7.15am today at the Regent Hotel Rockhampton to assist professionals in helping with mental health issues their clients and staff may be suffering.

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