SEEING RED: Brent, Jayden and Liam Rielly with Fabian Sutton showing some of their great catch from Sunday.
SEEING RED: Brent, Jayden and Liam Rielly with Fabian Sutton showing some of their great catch from Sunday.

FISHING TAILS: All types of red being reeled in

ANOTHER good weekend ahead. What's going on?

Three in a row should at least have helped with some of the addicted. Previous weekends have been a lot of hit-and-miss but the key to a good feed was find a spot with activity on it and you are halfway there.

I get lots of emails from different people asking, how come our spots that worked for all these years don't anymore?

The added pressure of better gear, better sounders, more boats and more people hunting has to show at some stage.

The other thing worth noting is that a fair number of these guys use the same tactics and keep going back to the exact same spots each time.

These days it is a worthy investment to take time to scout an area. If you are travelling an hour or so to a spot, why not throw in another hour after or during your day to find places to try for future.

The red fish are going well at present with good reports of nannies and red emperor at a number of areas wide of the islands.

Coral trout, sweetlip, red throat emperor, cod, pearl perch and a whole heap of mixed reefies have also made their way into fish bins this week.

The pelagic hunters aren't missing out either, as some quality spaniards were nailed at various locations around The Cap Coast. Big troll baits were the best option but taipans, flashas and big deep divers accounted for a few as well. Mack tuna and northern blues are turning up in a few catches, especially for the guys throwing shiny lures and slugs through the surface bait schools. One or two small black marlin have been landed in quite close from Findlay's and Outer to some of the near rubble grounds.

These fellers have come up a little early by my reckoning as they usually come through when the big schools of small rainbow runners appear around The Keppels. I might have to go bait gathering this weekend in preparation for big trips later in the year.

The odd barra is still getting taken in the river and even some of the other systems.

Bream, whiting, flathead, salmon and grunter were features this week in most of the local estuaries.

Muddies continue in some form although, as expected, they aren't in the same numbers as previous months.

We are facing a wealth of comps in the coming months for those who are competitive or just like to help support local events and contribute to them.

The Yeppoon Coast Guard's Tight Lines fishing comp is on at the end of August, then the Rocky Barra Bounty and WTF barra event. I have run out of room so next week I will devote a piece for these guys who really could do with plenty of local support.

All the fish caught in the past month or so and sent into me or shared on FB with me are eligible for the coming $50 voucher and you can still enter by getting pictures to me ASAP.

Thanks again to Bluefin Sports, Rosslyn Bay Kiosk, The Causeway Lake Kiosk, Stanage Bay Marine, The Secret Spot and Kalka Bait and Tackle, which are the local weigh points where you can get your photo taken or just drop yours in. Contact me at Send your emails or photos in to be eligible for any of our $50 random voucher draws.

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