Amal Clooney wants cameo in one of George's films

AMAL Clooney has been taking acting classes.

The human rights lawyer is reportedly keen to make a cameo in one of husband George Clooney's movies and is taking a few lessons so she can be prepared for the job.

A source said: "George asked her ages ago if she ever wanted to give her family a thrill and do a cameo.

"[She won't just] walk into a job without doing her research. She's been taking weekly acting classes with a private coach and loving every minute of it."

And whilst Amal has no plans to make a move from law to the film industry, she is "intrigued" by the idea of taking part in a movie.

The insider added to US' OK! magazine: "She'd never change careers, but she's certainly intrigued by George's industry and thinks it could be something fun to do."

And Amal is likely not to need too many lessons as George previously admitted she was the "smart one".

Speaking at the SeriousFun Children's Network Gala, he stumbled over his words before making the admission.

In his speech, he said: "Since 1988 these camps have brought over a half a million sick kids and their families from over five... from over 50 countries, 500 countries would be too many. There aren't actually that many..." before pausing and adding, "My wife's the smart one."  

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