Ambos rush to aid of 30,000 in Rocky region

TOOTHACHES, heart attacks, back pain, falls and car crashes - our amazing ambos have to deal with everything and anything.

Central Queensland's ambulance officers rushed out to 30,000 jobs last year to save lives all over the region, including Theodore, the Gemfields and Tieri, while covering all of Rockhampton.

Chief Superintendent for Central Queensland Michelle Baxter explained that ambos can be called out to anything from someone feeling ill, to someone with a case of the hiccups.

"Sometimes people are unsure of what's happening to them at the time, and require medical assistance," she said.

"A toothache might not be just that; it could lead to chest pain and other systems."

Ambos were kept busy with 1500 traffic crashes in the region last year - everything from people running into the back end of another car to a major traffic crash.

"We have a major highway going through Rockhampton, so it's wide and varied the cases we go to," Ms Baxter said.

But it's not traffic crashes that keep ambos most busy. Sick people take the top spot with more than 4000 callouts in a year.

People falling resulted in 3128 call-outs throughout CQ and chest pain saw them attend to 2950 cases.

Ambos have also had their fair share of allergic reactions to race to, with more than 500, and they've had 1210 cases of cuts and lacerations to bandage up.

The service has about 50 staff throughout the local ambulance service network, with a handful of paramedics ensuring calls are responded to during the night.

North Rockhampton has an average of four paramedics on during the day with two at night, while South Rockhampton has six to 10 paramedics on a day with five at night.

"There's many things we love about the job, especially being able to help people in times of crisis and just putting a smile on their faces and seeing their relief from anxiety," she said.


  • Abdominal pain - 1244
  • Animal bites - 61
  • Breathing problems - 2003
  • Carbon monoxide/ inhalation - 51
  • Choking - 116
  • Diabetic problems - 339
  • Drowning (near) - 16
  • Electrocution/ lightning - 57
  • Headache - 319
  • Stab/ gunshot - 49
  • Abnormal behaviour - 1101
  • Stroke - 383
  • Pregnancy - 275
  • Traumatic injuries - 2141
  • Unknown problem (3rd party collapse) - 407
  • Unconscious/ fainting (near) - 1495
  • Traffic/ transportation accident - 1385
  • Overdose/ poisoning (ingestions) - 641
  • Machinery accidents - 9
  • Lacerations - 1210
  • Heat/ cold exposure - 50
  • Heart problems - 518
  • Eye problems - 138
  • Burns/ explosions - 143

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