OPINION: Generation Y exploring the world, old and new

READING what others have said inspires me in my daily life.

One of my favourite things to do is browse through the internet for quotes that people have said.

I have enjoyed doing this for many years as I believe hearing other people's perspective on a variety of issues is important.

It helps us keep an open mind, to learn, to laugh, to cry and to feel connected to other people.

I find it serves as a great meal of food for thought for myself.

One of the quotes I particularly admire relates to never being a certain age; that we, in fact, are all of the ages we have ever been and also the age we are currently and perhaps ages we are yet to become.

So for example, I am 20 years old, however sometimes I am still the loud, attention-seeking, soul-searching girl I was when I was 15 and still the four-year-old who is not willing to go to kindy because there are green ants there with sharp teeth that might bite me.

I know, please don't hold this against me.

Although, I still don't like green ants.

And sometimes, dare I say, I feel like I'm 75, looking back on my life and smiling at my achievements so far and kicking my heels up with a cup of tea and my cross stitch.

But let's get this straight, I do love enjoying a cup of tea with my cross stitch.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we are not an age.

We are not our name, our history, our future or our present. We are what we make ourselves to be. We are our quirks, imperfections and habits. Our likes and passions. Our spirits and our attitude to this beautiful, one chance in this world.

We are beautiful beings of light and love, travelling together in this universe, all connected to one another and to the Earth.

I count both myself and others blessed to be given a shot in this gorgeous, crazy, sometimes hard and also stunning world.

To be given the chance to be silly, creative, wild, eccentric, sweet, magnetic and brilliantly unique in our own ways.

As young people of whatever age we may be to experience life as it is in all its wonder and glory.

And to hopefully be given the chance to live to a ripe old actual age.

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