Andrew Friend has nominated for a spot at the Livingstone Shire Council table.
Andrew Friend has nominated for a spot at the Livingstone Shire Council table.

Andrea hopes to bring 'strong voice' to Livingstone council

FRIEND by name and friend by nature and now Andrea Friend hopes to add the title, councillor to her portfolio in the lead up to the 2020 Livingstone Shire local elections.
Having worked at Livingstone Shire Council within the customer support role for the past 10 years, Andrea has listened to thousands of resident's needs, concerns, requests, desires and complaints and now hopes to be part of the solution at the Council table at the next elections.
"I have a firm understanding of the services Council provide to the community and how essential it is to ensure our ratepayers and residents voices are heard," Andrea said.
"My knowledge of council policies and procedures would be most advantageous in bringing peoples concerns to the table and I am not afraid to speak up to ensure everyone is treated fairly and equitably.
"As a worker and rate payer in the region and being gifted with a tenacious personality, I would love to have the opportunity to speak up for those that wish to live in an affordable and sustainable shire."
For the past 16 years Andrea has walked the Capricorn Coast beaches, explored the natural wonders in the parks and rural areas and has watched as the shire has grown. She has embraced a passion for the region caring for people and place she calls home.
"Our region is diverse in just how many different aspects we have within the one shire with rainforest in the national parks and ambling creeks, vast stretches of rural land with primary producers, beautiful beaches, islands and townships each with their own characteristics," she said.
"Each aspect comes with its own needs and desires and as a person who is genuinely interested in our whole shire, I would love the chance to be a strong voice representing all characteristics of this amazing area.
"If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. "I am ready for change for the betterment of the shire."

Andrea said while she has been fortunate to have helped many of our residents over her years in her job, the decision to run for a place at the table in the election is one she has given much thought and consideration over a long period of time.
"I love this region and having a mature and balanced outlook, I believe I can work hard to get the best possible outcomes for Livingstone.
"As a shire, we need people at the table who will be a strong voice representing the residents and that means not being frightened to speak up and be heard.
"We need consistent and timely provision of service and maintenance across the region.
"We have to contain rate rises and encourage growth in new business while promoting tourism and commerce to ensure our economic growth for the area now and into the future.
"I believe we need to ensure optimum use of our current council facilities and infrastructure and be innovative with any new infrastructure to be put in place.
"As someone who has listened to the community for years, I know we need more accountability, must increase our community consultation and ensure decisions made at the table are for the benefit of the entire region.
"I have a lot to give and am ready to work hard for our community."

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