Angler's paradise in Zilzie

FISHERMEN of all ages can now get their fishing gear at both ends of the Capricorn Coast with Alan Coucom expanding his family business to Zilzie.

Perfectly located in the old Zilzie Store, on the corner of Svendsens Rd where you turn to the Cooroomon Creek boat ramp, the new shop will cater to all fishing needs and will stock specialty local made products.

"Emu Park can only go forward and locals won't have to drive to Rocky now," said Mr Coucom, happy feedback had been positive.

Keen to support the community, Mr Coucom will stock Emu Park resident Ray Murphy's wooden lures and would be interested in sourcing other locally made products too. He invited interested craftsmen to contact Laura Kerville, who will manage the store along with her partner Dan Coucom.

On opening day, the couple were "flat out all morning" with early morning King tide anglers obviously taking advantage of the convenience.

"So far so good," smiled Dan. "You'll be able to pull off the road and load up the boat with ice and bait." There were already plans to do up the driveway to make drive through access possible.

Coucom's famous crab pots, which are made on site and slow melting solid cube ice, will be stocked in the new fishing shop.

The competitive pricing will meet the needs of all fishermen on the southern end of the Capricorn Coast, reinvigorating a once vibrant corner.

The couple said some shoppers had expressed a wish that food would be offered for sale as well.

Dan said the kitchens were still installed so, who knew what could happen in the future, if the shop proved a success.


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