Angry Bob tells: 'why I'll stand'

AN ANGRY Bob Irwin will consider standing at the next state election in a bid to inject some honesty into Queensland politics.

The veteran conservationist yesterday told the Daily he was angered by the treatment of Queenslanders by both the Bligh Government and the Opposition.

He confirmed he was considering contesting the seat of Ashgrove in Brisbane's north, where he would face LNP leader Campbell Newman and Labor's former environment minister Kate Jones.

“I am really, really angry about the situation with not just our environment and conservation but the way Queensland people are being treated by the Government at the moment,” Mr Irwin (right) said.

“I'm really angry about it and I think all political parties have got to get back to honesty and integrity and none of them are showing any of that at this stage.”

The father of the late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was approached by the Queensland Party to join the political group's growing team in the lead up to the election.

MR Irwin, who founded Australia Zoo at Beerwah with his son, described himself as “a very down-to-earth, typical, dinky-di Aussie”.

If he decides to stand in Ashgrove he concedes he will need to leave his country home near Kingaroy for a hectic campaign in Brisbane.

Mr Irwin, who turns 72 this year, said that was a sacrifice he could be willing to make.

“If you're going to represent the lovely people of Ashgrove then ... you can't do it from afar,” he said.

“I believe in my country and I believe my country has been good to me.

“I'm spending the rest of my life, however short that may be, giving something back to my country.

“And one thing that I will give back to it is honesty, and I think that's what some of our political parties have lost.”

Queensland Party leader Aidan McLindon said he made the offer to Mr Irwin after discussions with him over the past four months.

“He's straight to the point, he's common sense – he's the epitome of what Queenslanders want in parliament,” Mr McLindon said.

He said Mr Irwin's decision to consider a tilt at the seat of Ashgrove would send “a big message to the premier-wannabe and Kate Jones”.

Meanwhile, Acting Premier Paul Lucas said he was not fazed.

A statement from Mr Newman said Queensland had to vote LNP to see a real change.

The issue Mr Irwin wants highlighted predominantly is the coal seam gas industry, which he has joined protests against in the western Darling Downs.

In April he was arrested at a gas company's worksite at Tara for disobeying police during a rally.

“I just cannot believe that any government would be prepared to perform an experiment not just on our environment but they're going to experiment on the people who live there,” Mr Irwin said.

“I think that's disgusting.”

Mr Irwin said he would not rush his decision.

“We've got a long while between now and the next state election,” he said.

“I'd like to see not just the Government but the Opposition come out with decent policies on the absolute future of this country and unless they do then I've got to seriously consider what I've been asked.”

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