Another woman mauled by a dog

THE mauling of a woman in North Rockhampton yesterday morning prompted council to issue a stern warning to the region's dog owners.

Cr Tony Williams said Rockhampton Regional Council had run out of patience as it investigated 40 dog attacks, including yesterday's on a woman as she walked her pet in Elphinstone Street.

The victim, believed to be in her 30s, was treated in hospital and released.

The council seized the dog and is investigating.

This follows attacks on two women last month in which residents used shovels and brooms to fight off two vicious dogs.

Late yesterday the council unleashed its own attack on irresponsible pet owners.

“Over recent weeks there has been a great deal of criticism towards council and our ability to resolve these issues. Council can only do so much; ultimately the responsibility lies with you, the pet owner,” the council said in a statement.

“Residents should be able to walk the streets of our region without fear of an animal attacking them.

“If you are a pet owner you have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure you register your dog, provide an adequate enclosure; and that your dog is not a nuisance or a danger to the community.

“Rockhampton Regional Council is fed up with the non-compliance of pet owners.”

In September 602 local law requests were received by the council, of which 321 related to animal control issues.

The council is investigating 40 attacks which were either dog attacks on a person; a dog attack on an animal; or an “animal put fear into”.

Cr Williams, who chairs the council's Health and Regulatory Services committee, said pet owners were responsible for their animal's actions and behaviour at all times.

“Due to the increase in volume, and nature, of complaints currently lodged with the council, resources are being redirected from routine patrols and the everyday functionality of animal control officers,” Cr Williams said.

“Irresponsible pet owners cost ratepayers more money through the inefficient use of council's resources.

“While officers are spending time investigating complaints of poor pet ownership their regular duties are not fulfilled.

“This means that council has to increase resources in this section, which in turn means that council has to increase rates.”

Council is committed to providing a safe environment which can be enjoyed by the entire community.


Woman in hospital after dog mauling

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