Bankrupt fleet auctioned

THE goods and chattels of Rock- hampton carrier Fitzroy Taxi Trucks will be auctioned in the city on Wednesday.

Tomkins Valuers and Auction- eers will auction everything from the company's fleet of trucks to their office equipment, said own- er Chris Tomkins.

"There will be about 600 lots and it will take all day,'' he said.

Fitzroy Taxi Trucks, owned by Kaye I. Deaves, was declared bankrupt in early May and its as- sets are being sold.

Moira Carter of Jessup and Partners, appointed bankruptcy trustee, said she had not been able to put a value on the bank- ruptcy because Mrs Deaves had not provided a statement of affairs.

"She is in non-compliance with the Bankruptcy Act,'' and is in danger of having to make another court visit, she said. Ms Carter said the maximum penalty for non-compliance of the Act was one year's jail, but usual- ly the judge imposed a fine and gave a deadline for the sub- mission.

"Very rarely do local people have an opportunity to purchase different trucks at the one time at auction,'' Mr Tomkins said.

The fleet is expected to attract national interest.

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