Barra season opens

BARRAMUNDI season opened this week and though these breezes made it a bit difficult in several of the local waterways, there was the odd barra caught.

A gate was open at the barrage until Tuesday, letting a fair bit of fresh down the Fitzroy.

This might have slowed down the barras in the town reaches for a few days, but there still should be fish downstream from the cut-through.

Fresh doesn't affect Barramundi very much and within a short period they adapt and are feeding actively again.

Coorooman Creek was one of the picks, along with the Causeway Lake, where anglers could wet a line out of the breeze.

Corio and Waterpark were not at their best just yet. Live baits topped the list and the lure boys had to work very hard for not much.

Things are going to improve definitely, by the amount of barras seen in the previous weeks in all the systems.

We could be in for a good run for the next month or more. One fish that thrives in the dirty conditions is grunter.

Word has it that some top grunter were nailed in the river, Coorooman Creek, the Causeway Lake and Waterpark Creek.

Prawns were the top bait, even frozen ones worked, although livies did better.

The much needed rain has fallen short of expectations until now and only a few hundred millimetres will give the systems a decent flush ? a little more rain should push the prawns out of the smaller creeks and into bigger systems and the bay.

The fresh we have had has given prawns and crabs plenty of food and that can only mean bigger prawns and crabs.

The weather doesn't have to be perfect to go crabbing and prawning.

Keppel Bay is not the easiest spot to chase fish at present and we'll need a few calm days before it works to potential again.

When things do clear doggies, spanish and the early run of spotties are likely to come into the bay.

Word from south is that before the change in the weather was that spotties were going well.

That probably shows they are on their way north into our area in the near future.

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