Beattie backing clean coal


"CLEAN coal'' is the catch- phrase Premier Peter Beattie and Stanwell Corporation are going to sell to the Federal Government.

Clean coal means generating electricity through a coal-fired power plant, like the one at Stan- well, without the byproduct of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

It may sound far-fetched or even years away from any likeli- hood of happening, but local pow- er-producing company, Stanwell Corp is on its way to actually trying out the theory.

The crunch came with an agreement in New York between the Queensland Government, Shell and Stanwell Corp and the combining of two cutting-edge technologies.

The first of these technologies comes from Shell experience in the Netherlands called integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC).

In layman's terms this means coal is reduced to gas, the carbon dioxide is removed and a high hy- drogen fuel is produced and used to generate power.

The question of what to do with the remaining carbon dioxide has been answered by the second cut- ting-edge technology carbon cap- ture and storage (CCS).

The carbon dioxide that is pro- duced by reducing coal to gas is then captured and stored "in safe deposits'' underground.

The radical side that Stanwell Corp hopes to undertake is com- bining the two technologies, Ross Rolfe, Stanwell Corp chief execu- tive officer, said.

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