Beheading outrages zoo?s staff

THE brutal beheading of a young kangaroo at Rockhampton Zoo has outraged the RSPCA and zoo staff.

The body of the slaughtered 18-month-old joey was discovered by zoo staff on Sunday morning and the head was found in the koala sanctuary yesterday morning.

An autopsy revealed the animal suffered trauma injuries, including puncture wounds before and after death, and neck parts and the tongue were missing.

When discovered, the head was not overly decomposed making staff believe it had been taken away and returned later. It was believed the killing occurred late Saturday or early Sunday morning when the zoo was closed.

RSPCA Central Queensland regional inspector Shayne Towers-Hammond said the animal had "suffered immensely'' and found the incident "bizarre''.

"In this particular case the person has an obvious disdain for the animal or they're psychologically unstable.'' He and police were hunting for the offenders.

"I'm sure someone knows something about it and who did it.'' The slaughter is the extreme of constant acts of animal harassment and vandalism at the zoo, co-ordinator Simon Walton said.

Incidents included broken bottles and burning toilet paper thrown on the top of the chimpanzee enclosure.

"I've had people who've told me they've been at a party where people have bragged that they were at the zoo on a Saturday night and fired fire crackers at the chimps.''

Call the RSPCA hotline on 1300 852 188.

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