Cancer no match for this gritty little tot

JASMINE Goodall may be one of the luckiest kids to ever be diagnosed with cancer.

That's right, lucky.

The little 31/2-year-old's Rockhampton parents Mark and Julie believe their daughter is blessed to have escaped the grips of cancer so easily.

"The doctors told us that if you have to have a tumour, this one is the best one to have,'' Mrs Goodall said.

"Nothing could prepare us for the news though.

"The best word I could use is horror. I just felt numb.''

Jasmine was diagnosed with a brain tumour about a month ago and was taken into surgery in Brisbane about a week later.

The fun-loving girl is now fully recovered and has no signs of the surgery apart from a scar hidden by her hair at the back of her head.

Mrs Goodall said surgeons had removed the tumour, which was just smaller than the size of a banana lolly.

"It was quick, but good.

"With this particular tumour, surgery was all that was needed.''

Mrs Goodall said looking back she had noticed some symptoms, but still could not believe that someone so young could have a tumour.

She said Jasmine was run down and her head had been oddly shaped.

Mrs Goodall said the first real sign of trouble came about a month ago when Jasmine was vomiting and "walking like a drunk.''

She said that's when she was tested and the tumour eventually discovered.

Mr Goodall said doctors believed Jasmine had had the tumour since birth and it had been steadily growing as she did.

He said the surgery had no doubt saved her life. Mr Goodall said it was rare for the tumour to show up so early.

The pair both wanted to thank everyone who helped, particularly Lynda Morrow and hospital staff.

While Mrs Goodall said tests showed Jasmine was cancerfree, she believed they would not relax until the next four years had passed smoothly.

In the meantime, the couple said they're treating Jasmine just like a normal member of the family ? although she did get a few lollies while posing for our photos.

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